DeMar DeRozan’s Great Season So Far

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DeMar DeRozan is playing some of the best basketball in his career in his first season with the Chicago Bulls. The 32-year-old is having a great start to the season, helping lead the Bulls to eight wins and only four losses.

It is not a surprise that he is performing at a high level, he’s done it before. In 2016 he made the All-NBA second team and the year after that he made the All-NBA third team.

DeRozan has been an elite player for a long time, but it has been a while since NBA fans have seen him in a competitive situation.

Whilst he was playing great at the San Antonio Spurs, and arguably deserved to make an All-Star appearance last season, the Spurs weren’t that competitive.

Now he is in a Bulls team, with other All-Stars, that is motivated by becoming NBA Champions.

He is averaging 25.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 3.9 assists so far. He is reminding everyone that he is one of the best scorers in the league.

This is because of his shot creation, selection, and making ability. DeRozan’s mid-range game and ability to get to his spot is incredible, and he has been showing it in one of the bigger markets in the NBA.

If he finishes the season averaging 25 points, it will be his second-highest scoring season. After his All-NBA second-team season, where he averaged 27.3 points.

DeMar DeRozan elite midrange game on display

DeRozan’s elite midrange jumpshot has been great to watch. He has been one of the best mid-range shooters in the NBA and it is what makes him one of the best scorers in the league.

One of the most impressive aspects of his scoring is his ability to do it in the clutch.

DeMar DeRozan is Clutch

DeRozan has been closing games for most of his career, and it has been no difference in Chicago.

In arguably his best game for the Bulls so far, against his former team the Toronto Raptors, DeRozan took absolute control of the fourth quarter.

The four-time All-Star had 26 points, and 11 of them came in the fourth quarter. The Bulls only won the game 111-108 in what was a tough win.

With one minute and 27 seconds left, and the shot clock coming to an end, DeRozan made a tough turnaround jumper over a very capable defender in Gary Trent Jr. He put the Bulls up six with that clutch shot.

After that game, he said: “You live for those moments, honestly. You get up for those moments. I love ’em. Since I was a kid in my imagination, hitting big shots in a dark room. You feed into that when 20,000 fans are watching.”

DeRozan highlights against the Raptors, also big shots he hit in the fourth quarter

We also saw DeRozan help close out the Cetlics this season. The Bulls overcame a 19 point lead and of course, DeRozan was a big part of that.

He had 37 points and made important buckets in the fourth quarter. He tied the game with under six minutes left, and then after that gave the Celtics the lead.

Both these buckets of course were scored with a mid-range jump shot. He also made imprtant free throws.

If the freethrows weren’t enough to close out the game completely, he made a three-point shot with one minute and 16 seconds remaining to take the lead to 12.

The game before this he scored 32 points against the Utah Jazz, handing the side their first loss of the season.

He then had 37 the game after the Celtics comeback in the Bulls’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. A great game that came down to the wire.

Another new addition to Bulls, Alex Caruso spoke on JJ Reddick’s podcast, on DeRozan’s fit with the team.

He said: “He’s one of those guys you just love to have on your team because he’s just about winning and playing basketball.”

He also added: “Them [DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic, and Zach LaVine] being so like low maintenance and unselfish as the best players on the team…that’s hard to find in the NBA.”

DeRozan is having a great season so far and can lead this Bulls team to great things. He is playing alongside another great scorer in Zach LaVine who is averaging 25.7 points a game at the moment.

Despite those numbers, we all know LaVine can play even better than he is at the moment. The Bulls are suffereing setbacks too. First with the injury to Patrick Williams and now with Nikola Vucevic entering the NBA Health and Safety Protocols.

There has been some good news for the Bulls though, as Coby White looks like he will be returning to action soon.

DeRozan is currently fifth in the MVP Race Ladder and it will be interesting to see if he can keep up this great season. The Bulls are most definetly a team to fear for this season.

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