Jed Hoyer Will Fix the Chicago Cubs

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Keeping Jed Hoyer was the absolute best decision the Cubs have made in many months. However, Jed Hoyer needs to check a few boxes in order to get this Chicago Cubs team back on track and to make this Chicago Cubs relationship a match made in heaven. Jed Hoyer has been tasked with becoming the next president of baseball operations for the Cubs and that list of boxes to check off keeps growing and growing for Hoyer and crew. However, if there is anyone going to fix the Chicago Cubs, the only acceptable candidate is Jed Hoyer.


Look, it’s no surprise Hoyer was the next man up after Theo Epstein decided to step down as president of baseball operations for the Cubs. The Cubs basically went from one intelligent mind that was around the organization for 10 years, to another in the blink of an eye.

Keeping Hoyer around meant that the Cubs had a chance to build off the talent and fix holes in their roster without having to start from scratch with a new president. Having Hoyer promoted meant that the mission to rebuild the Cubs roster, and more importantly the pitching rotation, was already underway with someone who had seen the glaring holes in the roster from the first-person point of view.

Hoyer also understands what baseball means on the North Side of Chicago. He knows how passionate the fans are and he knows that this fan base expects to win immediately and with a guy who has been in the organization the last ten years, the transition from one voice of reason to another is a little bit easier when everyone is already on the same page.

Plan of Attack – Grab as Much Pitching as possible

Jed Hoyer stepped into his new role and seemed to already have his rebuild plan in place. First, he was tasked with figuring out what to do with the Cubs core of Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo. Hoyer knew that trading these guys would be tough not only on the organization but the fans and players as well.

However, Hoyer also knew the Cubs were in luxury tax limbo and that resigning every core player set to hit free agency was just not going to happen. So, what does Hoyer do? He trades Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo for pitching prospects Alexander Vizcaino, Caleb Killian, Codi Heuer, and Anderson Espinoza. In the span of about 48 hours or so, Hoyer had flipped the organization’s top 3 players who were bound to hit free agency for pitching prospects and cap space which checks two boxes for Hoyer’s rebuild.

But the pitching rebuild did not stop there. When the Reds decided to release left-handed pitcher Wade Miley, Hoyer jumped on adding him to the Cubs roster before anyone else in the league could blink. It sure does look like Hoyer has been on a mission to get this Cubs team back on track.

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