Noah Syndergaard Heading to the Angels

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This morning Noah Syndergaard inked a deal the Angels worth one year, 21 million dollars deal according to Jeff Passan. By making this deal it bolsters the Angels pitching staff but pays the hefty price of losing a second-round pick along with the 21 million dollars.

The Upside of Signing Syndergaard

As the offseason begins to progress, general manager Perry Minasian, knew that the starting pitching was a glaring hole for this team for years. For the past six years, the Angels are the only ball club not to have a winning percentage above .500. Adding Syndergaard is the first step to making this team a playoff-caliber team.

The Angels are still in on many starting pitchers on the open marketing, including Robbie Ray and Kevin Gausman. This first piece is just the beginning to be able to help star Shohei Ohtani in the starting pitching staff. By making this deal it shows that the Angels are willing to spend the money to surround their stars with top-quality pitching talent so signing another big-name pitcher is not out of the picture. This wiliness allows them to compete for the American League West with teams like the Astros and Mariners who are seen as the two top contenders in that division. 

By signing him to a one-year deal it gives the Angels a chance to see what Syndergaard can do coming off Tommy John surgery in May of 2020. With a good season, it allows the Angels to extend the 29-year-old to a multi-year contract and give them success in years to come.

Ohtani and Syndergaard at the front half of the staff make this team significantly formidable. There is also hope in their organization that there will be an improvement from other pitchers like Reid Detmers and Patrick Sandoval. Both pitchers showed home during their 2021 campaigns and there is reason to believe they will only improve in the 2022 season. If they can sign one more veteran pitcher to lockdown the staff, this rotation would make significant improvements from last season.

Risk of Signing Syndergaard

There is a lot of risks signing Syndergaard just based on not knowing what to expect. In his brief two games that he played this season, he had an earned run average (ERA) of nine in two innings pitched. This is not enough of a sample size to make any conclusions about how this season will go, but it might take some time to see if he is the old Syndergaard.

In addition, he will need some time to build up to that starter role. Last year he came out of the bullpen because there was not enough time to get him in starting pitching shape. With having a whole offseason there should be no problems, however, if he faces setbacks there is a chance he starts in the bullpen at the beginning of the season. Due to the lack of innings, he has had the team might imply a six-man rotation to alleviate some stress off him.

Another risky part of this signing is the way he pitched when he was healthy in 2019. During that season with the Mets, Syndergaard pitched 197.2 innings, with a 4.28 ERA and 155 strikeouts. For him, that is a drastic change, especially in the ERA department. From 2015 to 2018 he was putting up ERAs of 3.24, 2.60, 2.97, and 3.03 making him a perennial CY Young candidate.

What this signing does is that the Angels have acknowledged that their main weakness is the pitching staff and are willing to sign guys that will help them right now. This gives them the perfect opportunity to keep making moves this off-season to be seen as a contender in 2022. main contender in 2022.

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