Haider Khan: Interview Ahead of Almighty FC 21

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IIt’s fight week for Almighty Fighting Championship as the English-based promotion makes The Olympia in Liverpool their home on Saturday. Saturday night will mark the second showing of Almighty FC in Liverpool, following their triumphant display of martial arts at Almighty Fighting Championship 19.

The hottest up-and-coming talent will make the walk to the Almighty cage on Saturday, eager to perform for the lively scouse crowd. The card is headlined by Aspire Combat Sports Academy’s Haider Khan, who faces off against Sebastion Sroka, who looks to kickstart his professional career.

I was lucky enough to catch up with one half of the main event before he makes the walk on Saturday. I spoke with Haider Khan to get this thought on his scheduled matchup with Sebastion Sroka. Full interview below.

Interview With Haider Khan

One week out from your third walk to the cage as a professional. Talk to me preparation ahead of Almighty FC 21. How long of a camp have you endured, and what key principles have you focused on in camp?

Haider Khan – “I am not one really for camps. I train all year round, focusing on any improvements I can make as a martial artist physically or mentally. But I do focus my training on certain styles when I get an opponent. Still, the work is the same, just enjoying the process, mainly working on improving myself from previous fights and areas that I can develop to be more dangerous on the night.”

As we approach fight week. How are you feeling physically and mentally?  Are you someone who enjoys the fight week procedures, or is it a task on itself focussing on making weight and staying healthy?

Haider Khan –“Throughout the calm, I’ve been focused on the task at hand which is winning at all costs like it always is. Physically and mentally, I feel well prepared and determined to deliver on the night my best performance. That’s the goal of every fight to have a better performance than the last.”

I like to ask people I’ve not spoken with before some background on themselves and their story into MMA. Why was MMA a path you decided to pursue, and what do you aim to get out of it? 

Haider Khan –“I got into MMA at 18 after deciding I didn’t want to play rugby for Salford red devils academy anymore, started with BJJ and developed into MMA. The passion for MMA was there as a 13-year-old watching GSP but was pursuing rugby at the time but enjoyed watching it.”

We last saw you compete on Almighty FC’s last show in Liverpool, where you secured a second-round stoppage victory over Bertrand Epoune after a back and forth first round. With some time to reflect, how did you view your performance overall?

Haider Khan – “Tbh, I was disappointed with my performance. Even though I got the finish, I know I underperformed for the standards I set for myself.”

You posted on Instagram one week ago, taking in that you just made your amateur debut under three years ago. Fast forward to this weekend. You headline one of the most successful and respectable shows in the country. What does it mean to you to get that opportunity at this stage of your career, and how does it make you feel when you look back at that? 

Haider Khan – “Yeah, it has been a rise, but I feel with the work I’ve put in, and results are warranted. It’s an honour to get this opportunity and prove myself because I want to be the headline in the future, no matter the show. The main guy, and it starts with backing up Saturday and showing that I am not just potential.”

Have you had much time to study the game of your opponent in Sebastion Sroka? Do you know much about him? If so, what are your thoughts on him as an opponent, and how do you feel you match up with him stylistically?

Haider Khan – “Sroka is an excellent opponent to get, especially this early in my career. He’s experienced and solid everywhere from what I’ve seen. Similar to myself, but I know I’ll be higher level everywhere.”

Lastly, can you give all the fans that will be attending the show in Liverpool an official fight prediction? What can we expect from Haider Khan on Saturday at Almighty FC 21?

Haider Khan – “As for a prediction, I predict my best performance yet.”

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