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A Comprehensive Guide on How To Spend Your Week With No MMA.

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Planning Ahead

MMA is what we love most about our T.V. screens. Every Friday/Saturday, there will usually be either a Bellator or a UFC event to lose some money on. This is one of those sad off weeks where we get neither. It’s easy to assume people who love the sport are feeling a bit empty about their viewing options right about now. Not to worry though, this comprehensive guide will give you enough activities to make this week fly by.

Watching Old Conor Mcgregor Press Conferences

There’s nothing like some old McGregor trash talk. Watching the old stuff back gets a bit sad at times because it serves as a reminder that it’ll never go back to the way it was, but it’s still some top-tier comedy. The best one to watch back is the press conference from his first fight with Nate Diaz. Conor usually would wear a suit, and it would be in a more professional venue, but this one was different. Conor was sporting a white undershirt, and the venue was in a California gym. What was supposed to be Nate and Conor fielding questions quickly spiraled into Nate and Conor hurling insults at one another for nearly thirty straight minutes. There are some insanely memorable quotes buried in this press conference that you may not remember from your first watch, such as Nate Diaz’s hilarious and baseless accusation that Conor is on steroids. Or how could anyone forget “The scrap pack, remembahdat?”. Old Conor pressers hit different, and that one was the cream of the crop.

Spending Time With Your Family

Who doesn’t love some good old family time? This week consider leaving your bedroom for a change. When you first make it down the stairs, you’ll have to deal with the typical stuff. You know, “You’re always in your room, why don’t we ever see you?” and “come on, James, it’s time to get out there and get a girlfriend. All you do is watch the fights and complain about losing money, and we’re sick of it.” You feel that, right? The usual stuff. Normal and relatable stuff. Once you get past this initial wave of questioning though, you’ll realize that spending time with your family is actually quite enjoyable. Also, apparently, there’s a holiday this week?

Argue About Various MMA Topics With Random People on Twitter

One of the best ways to get your MMA fix on an off week is seeing what the fine members of MMA twitter are getting themselves into. If there isn’t some bizarre drama happening between two people who have never met each other, you can typically find two relatively uneducated people having a spirited debate. Topics will typically vary from the Holloway V.S Volkanovski 2 scorecards, fighter pay, or just your run-of-the-mill McGregor fan tweeting threats at other MMA fans for not bowing down to their king. This is entertaining to watch from afar, but this isn’t your typical week. Why not kill some time by dipping your toe in the cesspool that is MMA twitter? You’re bound to receive some memorable replies from an anonymous account trying to make your debate personal, and if you get lucky enough, Super Fan might even ratio you.

Go Outside

… Nevermind

Gamble on Football

Not having MMA to gamble on is rough, but at least we’ve got football, right? Just look at the Thanksgiving lineup, the first game we have is Lions V.S. Bears! Tim Boyle against Andy Dalton! Actually, don’t watch that game. That game might actually be a 0-0 tie. Don’t waste your time gambling on football. That’s terrible advice.

Dear god. This is going to be a rough week.

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