Hurricanes Player of the Month: November

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The Carolina Hurricanes have continued their winning ways throughout the month of November, and there are a lot of players that contributed to this amazing stretch of play. The Hurricanes are currently sitting at tied for second in the league, with the least amount of games played in that three-way tie between the Hurricanes, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Calgary Flames. While each player has had to contribute, there was one that really stuck out this month among the pack.

Player of the Month: Seth Jarvis

Seth Jarvis had an amazing month in November, and as the rookie in the team, he performed well above the level many expected of him, with a four-game point streak during the month which lead to him now being set up on the first line alongside veteran Jordan Martinook and alternate captain Sebastian Aho, which has seen the player getting a lot of minutes and could lead to a lot more points if he gets involved in the passing play that this line benefits so greatly from.

Defensively the player maintained a positive +/- rating throughout the month, an amazing feat for a rookie, especially given the number of minutes that he has been playing. Jarvis has always seemed like a bit of a gritty forward, who doesn’t let his size stop him from landing big hits and getting right into the play to try and win the puck battle. Overall, the player is now able to look forward to a hopefully steady career of these kinds of performances, as the pressure of his first full month of play is off his back.

Runner Up: Frederik Andersen

Frederik Andersen has been an amazing goalie for the Hurricanes, and he has maintained this throughout November. He only let through 17 goals during the month in which he started seven games. While he may not be the most exceptional goalie in the league, his performances have steadily bounced back this season, as he has gotten more comfortable between the pipes with his new team. He seems to be gaining back a lot of confidence as well as he goes for more poke checks and making more complex moves to make a save which let him show off just how much skill he has.

If Andersen can maintain these kinds of performances throughout the season, he will inevitably keep showing up on this list and eventually gaining the title of player of the month. This is his second time on our runners-up list, after making it for the October runners-up as well, and he looks likely to be on the list for the month of December as his strong starts don’t show any sign of stopping.

Runner Up: Sebastian Aho

Aho has put up eight points in November and has really been showing why he deserves to wear an ‘A’ on his jersey as he shows his leadership abilities to motivate the team. While his linemates have been frequently cycling, Aho’s performances have stayed consistent as he looks to lead his team from the front and help put up points to keep the Hurricanes marching towards the top of the league. Overall the player in question seems ready to keep pushing his abilities farther towards new career highs and seems to be working on his shooting skills with fellow young-gun Andrei Svechnikov, as the wonder behind his shots has started to grow exponentially.

If Aho maintains this level of skill and keeps working on his own abilities while also helping the players around him continue to grow, the Hurricanes are sure to make a push for the Stanley Cup, while also seeing Aho make a push to wear the captains ‘C’ when current captain Jordan Staal retires. All-in-all, the player has been fantastic for the team, and if he keeps these performances up, the team should have no problems moving towards that all-important cup win.

The month of November has been a great month for the team, and narrowing down the choices for this month’s player of the month was a difficult process, and that is an amazing thing for Hurricanes fans as each player will be pushing to show just how good they are, while also pushing to make the players around them better so they can all continue to play on the same high energy level.

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