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The Vancouver Canucks are in the midst of a dark streak. The fans are rightfully far from satisfied and the players seem to be discouraged. With all the negativity currently surrounding the Canucks there needs to be some positivity spread throughout the franchise and their fan base. Although the bad outweighs the good there is still some good within the Canucks.

Thatcher Demko

The most obvious of bright spots is goaltender Thatcher Demko. The Canucks 25-year-old stud goaltender is locked up for five seasons with an annual average salary of $5 million per season. Although the Canucks have been losing more than anyone expected Demko has kept his side of the bargain, constantly standing on his head game in and game to keep the Canucks in the game. Unfortunately for Demko, the Canucks give up an average of 32 shots a game when Demko plays, Demko surrenders three goals a game. As long as Demko is playing around average the Canucks have a chance of winning, the offense just needs to show up. With Demko the Canucks are good hands and will be a bright spot for years to come.

Conor Garland

A question mark in the offseason has turned into a bright spot for the Canucks. The Canucks acquired Connor Garland and Oliver Ekman-Larsson from the Arizona Coyotes in a deal that many fans hated at the time due to Ekman-Larsson’s monster deal, follow that up with a five-year extension for Garland before he ever stepped on the ice for the Canucks, but 21 games into the season and Garland is looking great. Garland has 14 points thus far, five goals and two of those are game-winning goals, 33% of the Canucks game-winning goals have come from Garland. His offense output is not the only standout from Garland, he has proved he can get under his opponent’s skin as well as give the fans a good laugh every now and then. The Canucks have Garland and Demko through the 2025-26 season, which is great news for the Canucks in these dark times.

Vasily Podkolzin

The long-awaited debut of Vasily Podkolzin finally arrived. He is yet to light up but has shown glimpses of what he can become. He has shown he can in fact be an everyday NHL player. Podkolzin possesses speed, skill, and resilience. Even though early on in his young career Podkolzin has pushed through and earned his spot. Moving to a new country is hard enough but at 20 years of age, Podkolzin has found himself playing hockey in a foreign country under one of the toughest media markets in North America. With just four goals in 19 games, fans are probably scratching their heads and thinking this is a reach, but Podkolzin’s game improves each game and his shooting ability will prove to be a major factor in the future for the Vancouver Canucks.

Vancouver Hockey

Yes, times are rough in Vancouver, no it is not the end of the road. Teams struggle, even when they shouldn’t and that is exactly what is happening with the Canucks. Even though things are bad and change may be needed fans need to remember things could be worse. Arizona Coyotes fans are likely seeing their final season of hockey in the desert for decades, Atlanta fans lost their hockey 10 years ago. Quebec City has not had a pro team since 1995, even though they probably deserve one. Buffalo Sabres fans have not seen their team in the playoffs since the 2010-11 season. The fact of the matter is things are bad in Vancouver but not as bad as in other places. Vancouver has hockey, the Canucks will recover. Canucks fans can continue to look at the glass half empty but that will not do anyone any good. Finally the cherry on top. After well over a year fans can finally attend games. Things are bad now but they will not be bad forever.

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