Cheap Seats Chatter: Rangers, Mets, and Ray vs. Gausman

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Another episode of Cheap Seats Chatter is now live on Spotify. Join the CSC crew as they discuss the biggest stories and news in all of baseball.

The hot stove is at full power and has been baking some amazing signings before the December 2nd lockout. Alex and Mathias jump on the mic to give their takes on the biggest stories and signings right now in the baseball world.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Texas Rangers Spending Bonanza

Being one of the bottom five teams in baseball in 2021 did not deter the Rangers from going all-in this free agency period. Texas came out strong, signing Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, Jon Gray and a few others for a very tidy sum. Within a day’s time, the Rangers had spent over half a billion dollars on free agents.

While the moves have definitely made a big splash, Alex and Mathias have several problems with the moves, especially considering the other holes in the Rangers team. Big name talent will usually help a team get more wins, but when the rest of the team has holes, the moves may not have as big of an impact as initially hoped.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Mets Land Scherzer

The Texas Rangers were not the only team to make a huge free agency splash as they landed the big fish of the pitchers, signing veteran Max Scherzer to a three-year deal keeping Scherzer until he is 40. Scherzer joins a pitching rotation that includes Jacob DeGrom and the two of them look to be the deadliest one-two punches in all of baseball.

When it comes to Scherzer, the question is always his age. While in his mid-late 30s, Mad Max put up incredible numbers and seems to be beating Father Time at his own game. Both Alex and Mathias agreed that his age is a concern, but agreed that the chance to have Scherzer and DeGrom in the same rotation was too tempting to pass up.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Robbie Ray vs Kevin Gausman

Two more huge pitchers have made their destinations clear as the reigning AL Cy Young Award winner Robbie Ray makes his way to the Pacific Northwest and Kevin Gausman crosses the border to play for the Blue Jays. Both teams acquire a top level pitcher that can help anchor a rotation or even become an ace.

While both teams make a splash with these signings, the question turns to which one got the better deal? While both are coming off career years, Alex and Mathias discuss each player’s path and what their future looks like on their new teams.

All of these topics and more on this episode of Cheap Seats Chatter. Listen in on Spotify for all episodes of Cheap Seats Chatter past and present.

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