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UFC Vegas 44 Gambling Guide

It’s always nice to get a bet in on the first or second fight. Nothing like a W in your settled section to give you confidence moving forward. It seems like there is no more certain W than Alex Morono this weekend. Morono’s tenure in the UFC isn’t exactly championship caliber, but time and time again, Morono has proved the UFC is where he belongs. The same cannot be said about Mickey Gall. All respect to Mickey Gall, but that Mike Perry fight is one of the worst losses a fighter could have experienced. For those who lack context, Mike Perry fought Mickey Gall with zero preparation and zero coaching. The man quite literally showed up to the fight off of the couch with one person in his corner, and that person was his girlfriend. It isn’t like she’s a fighter either, she had less MMA knowledge and experience than the average MMA fan. Despite this, a regressed Mike Perry put a convincing beat down on Mickey Gall, who had an entire training camp and a corner full of coaches. Ever since that fateful night, intelligent people everywhere took a vow to never bet on Mickey Gall ever again. Perhaps he breaks the stigma this weekend with an upset victory, but it would be wise to bet against as much.

Alex Morono Vs Mickey Gall

Alex Morono (-220)

Cheyanne Buys Vs Mallory Martin

Cheyanne Buys (-190)

If you’ve read any of these gambling guides before, you know that each fighter’s general attitude is significantly considered while these picks are being made. Cheyanne Buys‘ killer instinct is precisely why she is being picked here and will likely be picked over most of her opponents going forward. There isn’t much to be said about her UFC career so far, she’s 1-1 (2-1 if you count DWCS), and she hasn’t gotten to showcase much. This bet is more so being placed on the attitude of Buys. Anybody who is willing to threaten to show up at their opponent’s house after a fight (she did indeed do this) is somebody worth putting a bet on. Hammer Cheyanne Buys to make that -190 worthwhile while, and you will not regret it.

Chris Curtis Vs Brendan Allen

Chris Curtis (+280)

After a win as a massive underdog against Phil Hawes (called it), Chris Curtis is again in action as a massive underdog. How could you not ride this guy? For anyone who doesn’t know, Chris Curtis is one of the worst snubs in Dana White’s Contender series history. He scored a hook kick KO yet that still was not enough for a contract. He didn’t get his chance in the UFC until Phil Hawes needed a late-notice replacement. The oddsmakers gave him no chance then, and he proved them wrong in a big way with a perfectly timed shot—no disrespect to his opponent Brendan Allen of course. Allen is a great fighter and a tough test, but Curtis has been fighting tough guys for a while (he fought Magomedkerimov and Ray Cooper over in PFL). Also, there’s something about a great nickname that makes it tempting to throw money down on a fighter. “The Action Man” is top tier when it comes to nicknames, that sounds like a superhero. Chris Curtis and his excellent nickname are going to walk away with a huge win this weekend, and it would be wise to get out in front of it with a bet.

Jim Crute Vs Jamahal Hill

Jim Crute (-190)

Jim Crute vs. Jamahal Hill is one of those rare light heavy-weight fights that get you out of your seat. It’s no secret that the LHW division has been thin for some time now. This fight will not be like that brutally boring Thiago Santos vs. Johnny Walker main event. These are two dudes who are about that action. Jim Crute and Jamahal Hill show up to scrap every time they’re in the cage. It is doubtful that much grappling occurs in this fight. Both guys will likely be at the top of the LHW division for years to come, and it won’t be because of their wrestling. They’re both coming off of losses, but both were definitely odd. Jim Crute’s leg basically turned off after one Anthony Smith leg kick, and the mad man still made it to the end of the round and tried to keep fighting. Jamahal Hill’s arm dislocated while he tried to survive a submission, but he also showcased some psychopath behavior himself and continued fighting with his arm useless and dangling (there’s a joke here that I am avoiding on purpose). These guys are both crazy and also very talented, but the power edge that Crute possesses should make the difference. If the power edge doesn’t convince you, then let’s look at the nickname matchup. Jim “The Brute” Crute or Jamahal “Sweet Dreams” Hill? Jim Crute probably takes this one because 1) that rhymes, and 2) he literally is a brute. Sweet Dreams isn’t necessarily a bad nickname, but it certainly doesn’t rhyme. Based on that, Crute should be getting his hand raised Saturday night.

Brad Riddell Vs Rafael Fiziev

Brad Riddell (+105)

Brad Riddell is a +105 at the time of this being written, but it may not stay that way. That means if this post finds its way to your phone/computer screen before Saturday night, you should hurry to get this bet in. First, it should be noted that this fight is going to be pure insanity. Both Riddell and Fiziev are very high-level strikers. In their last fight, both men were presented with incredibly tough tasks, and both battled adversity to come out with the W. Riddell’s adversity came early on, when Drew “my head is made of cement” Dober rocked him with a left hand right off the bat in round 1. Despite being wobbled early, Riddell was able to compose himself and pepper the iron chin of Dober for the duration of their 15-minute brawl. Right as the buzzer was coming, Riddell absolutely clocked a fading Dober and had him on chicken legs. Time expired before he got the finish, but he showed that if that fight went five rounds, he would have been there for all 5. Fiziev’s adversity came in the way of a late comeback by Bobby Green, in which Fiziev seemed to slow down a bit in the third round. If that fight was five rounds, it is likely Fiziev’s gas tank would have depleted before the final horn. This is why Riddell will likely get the job done on Saturday. He’s a high enough level striker to hang with Fiziev early on, and as the fight goes on, he will get better, and Fiziev will get worse. It is honestly a bit shocking that Riddell is the underdog, considering how the last fight went for each of them. People who saw both of their previous fights may rush to bet on Riddell and move the line, so get it while it’s hot.

Side Note:

There are no props this time around because the odds for the props don’t show up until like a day before the card, and it’s nice to get this written earlier in the week. Also, the last UFC card had every fight besides one go the distance. Something like that probably won’t happen again for a very long time, but it still taught me a very valuable lesson when it comes to props, and that lesson is, do not bet props.

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