Clint Frazier Released By The New York Yankees

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Clint Frazier was released by the Yankees in which he signed with the Chicago Cubs for one year.

Frazier’s Yankee career started in 2016 when he came over from the Cleveland Indians in the Andrew Miller trade where he was drafted in 2013 as the fifth overall pick.

In 2017, he was considered the second-best prospect in the Yankees system and one of the top minor leaguers in all of baseball.

Now? The 27-year-old outfielder was released because of injuries and his production.


In 2018, Frazier collided with an outfield wall at Bradenton, Florida during a Spring Training game that limited him to only 41 plate appearances that season. He would go on and hurt his ankle in 2019 causing him to miss more games. Finally, last season, he only played in 66 games before not playing again this season due to vision problems and dizziness


In 2017, he had 142 plate appearances and only mustered a meager .268 on-base percentage, which is below-average, to say the least. Two years later, Frazier hit 12 homeruns and 38 runs batted in with a .267 batting average.

Despite the prior struggles, his best season was in 2020 when he hit .267 batting average with 8 homeruns and 26 runs batted in in the COVID shortened season.

The man known as Red Thunder would get the starting job in leftfield last season, but he never lived up to expectations. Eventually, he was placed on the injured list and eventually released from the club.

Moving forward, the one-time future-star will need to find a new team willing to help him realize his potential.

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