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Stamp Fairtex Interview: “You Will See Something Fun In This Fight For Sure”

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ONE Championship returns with a bang on December 3rd, 2021 with ONE: Winter Warriors. The event will be headlined by Regian Eersel, who attempts to defend his Lightweight Kickboxing Championship against ONE Championship newcomer Islam Murtazaev.

Along with the heavyweight bout of undefeated fighters, newcomer Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida returns against the undefeated Kang Ji Wong in what will likely have implications on the heavyweight title picture.

We have a fight that’s been over a year in the making, the Women’s Atomweight Grand Prix Championship between Stamp Fairtex and Ritu Phogat. Will the wrestling dominance of Ritu Phogat be too much for Stamp? or can Stamp impose the striking that’s made her one of the deadliest strikers in women’s MMA? With the winner of the tournament not just leaving with the Grand Prix belt but also a shot at the face of women’s MMA in ONE Championship Atomweight Champion Angela Lee, the stakes for this championship are high.

In preparation for ONE: Winter Warriors I caught up with Stamp to see how her preparations are going to come away as Grand Prix winner and the challenger to Lee.

Stamp Fairtex Interview

On 3rd December at Winter Warriors you go head to head with Ritu Phogat in the final of the strawweight Grand Prix, what can we expect to see from you in this huge fight?

Our syle is completely different, I’m striker she’s wrestler. So you will see something fun in this fight for sure. But my goal is the win Ritu and compete with my Idol (Angela Lee).

A win over Ritu gets you a future title shot against Angela Lee how does the pressure of this affect you going into this fight?

I’ll need to train even harder than ever, she’s not just general athlete, she’s champion, she’s tough and also she’s my idol.

Ritu has incredible grappling and wrestling how does this affect your game plan going into this fight?

I already know and I was expected to meet her In the final round, however, I think I also improve on my ground game every fight I compete, depends on whos gonna control the game In that night. We’ll see.

You overcame back-to-back losses coming into this Grand Prix how pleased are you with the way you overcame the losses and how do you feel you have improved as a fighter?

Every sports has win/lose…it’s normal. Once I lose, I accept it and tried to improve on my mistake. My long term goal is to be the winner of GP, then I’ll take my Muay Thai and kickboxing belt back to my shoulder

Finally, what would it mean to you to go back to Thailand as the Grand Prix champion?

It’s an honor in my life, because I grew up with Muay Thai (let’s say MT build me to be Stamp today), for MMA I trained only just few years back, if I’m the champion that’s mean I achieve my goal which I never dream to come this far. If im really champion I’ll never stop traning, being better and I’ll try to keep the belt with me as long as I can.

As always ONE: Winter Warriors can be watched live via the ONE Championship super App and live on YouTube.

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