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UFC’s First Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano Hospitalized After Attack

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Nicco Montano, the UFC’s first women’s flyweight champion, was hospitalized during an alleged assault, according to a post on Instagram.

“Tonight Justin Watson stood on my neck and stomped my face in, then kept kicking me and shoving my hair into his fist and the corner of the bed frame,” Montano wrote. “I got away for a second to run down the hall (naked) screaming for my life as he tried to drag me back by my hair. Luckily someone from the hotel heard my screams and came to [my] rescue. I’m stuck in Texas, not knowing where he is and scared.”

Shortly after, Montano posted another update on Instagram. “I’m in the hospital, and I’m soooooo lucky to have the technique and strength that I have to have defended myself.” 

The information came from Damon Martin of MMA Fighting, who reached out to Ricky Kottenstette, Montano’s manager. According to Kottenstette, she was getting scans for her injuries suffered at the time of the confirmation. 

Since then, Montano has made the third post to her account. “I’m doing okay everyone. Thanks for the love.” 

At this time, the relationship between the alleged attacker Justin Watson and Montano is unknown. On Instagram, Montano does follow an individual named Justin Watson, but the account is private. 

After being released by the UFC following a botched weight cut, Montano (4-3) is currently a free agent. The bout was to take place in July against Yanan Wu. In the last two years, Montano has had multiple fights fall through. Injuries, unsuccessful weight cuts, and a positive COVID test derailed her last six scheduled fights.

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