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Evander Kane – Where Will His Career Lead Next?

Any NHL fan will know that Evander Kane is a talented player, but unfortunately with that talent, he also brings an attitude that is not a lot of people’s idea of being a team player. Everyone deserves to be given a second chance, but when you look at Evander’s career, has he already had his final chance?

Evander Kane’s CV reads like one of a relatively successful player having won several major junior cups, rookie awards for his performances, and then going on to being picked 4th overall in the NHL draft by the Atlanta Thrashers in 2009, where he went on to play internationally for Canada in numerous tournaments including four world championships.

Evander’s Current Suspension

Now playing for the San Jose Sharks, Evander finds himself suspended for a total of 21 games, which is more of a quarter of the season, for a lack of compliance and an established violation of the NHLPA/NHL COVID-19 Protocols.

Kane has also recently been the subject of allegations of domestic violence towards Anna, his wife, who also claimed that Evander had been involved in illegal betting on his own team and of throwing games for his bookies. Unfortunately, not only famous hockey players are caught placing prohibited bets. With easily accessible best mobile online casinos and sportsbook websites offering its services globally, also professional players representing other disciplines are caught cheating or throwing games to win a bet usually placed on a close friend or family member. Whatever the truth may be, the league threw out Kane’s wife’s allegations.

Although the more serious allegations have been cleared, Evander still finds himself in trouble for a distinct lack of regard to safety, which puts himself as well as his teammates at risk. This is reportedly a growing feeling in the Sharks dressing room that Kane may see himself as bigger than the team, which naturally will bring tension between him and his teammates.

Kane, who was the Sharks leading goal scorer in the 20-21 season, still has a contract with the sharks for the rest of this season and three more after that, but with this seemingly continual chip on his shoulder, is his time up with the Sharks? The team released a statement saying that they were hugely disappointed in Kane’s complete disregard for the team’s health and the safety protocols put in place by the NHL to protect everyone.

General Manager – Forgiving of Bad Performances

Doug Wilson, the Sharks General Manager has a reputation for being a forgiving and fair man, but after this statement, it doesn’t sound like the team is going to happily welcome Evander back with open arms. With a $7 million a year contract on his head and the Sharks being in somewhat of a transitional period, having a young, fragile, impressionable squad, Wilson may feel now is the time to cut the 30-year-old, Kane, loose free up the funds for more of a team player. Whether anyone else would be willing to take Kane is another question.

It is quite possible he has burnt all his bridges in the NHL now, but would someone in the European leagues take him? He wouldn’t make the kind of money he does in ice hockey’s biggest league but he could make fairly decent money. Finding his next suitor may in fact mean that the Sharks will need to eat some of his contract just to get him off the books but whether this is what Wilson and his Sharks actually want then only time will tell.

If you have lost your patience with Evander Kane but want to hear more from the NHL then stay in touch with the latest hockey news from the world’s most popular league.

The Sharks already slim chances of making the playoffs have already been damaged considerably by his actions, but Evander Kane’s suspension is up on 30th November when the Sharks make their way to New Jersey to play the devils, only then will we be able to begin gauging the extent of the damage done to the team and his chances of rebuilding his 12-year long career.

Does he Deserve another Chance?

Everyone deserves a second chance but whether Evander Kane is now out of chances or not, he himself is the only one that can repair whatever damage is done and you have to feel for that to happen, Evander needs to show considerable improvement in his attitude and professionalism. No one else is to blame for any of his mistakes but for such a talented player to go out like this would be a huge shame so we can only hope that Evander Kane has, finally, learned his lesson and ends his career on a high.

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