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3 UFC Women’s MMA Prospects You Need To Know About

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The UFC is home to over 600 fighters, both male and female. However few of those athletes will ever work their way up to a ranked position within their weight class in the UFC, and even fewer will become champions. Today, we focus on Women’s MMA and talk about three fighters you need to know about. Discussing exactly why these women have the potential to be future title-contenders!

Luana Pinheiro (10-1, 2-0 UFC)

Fighting out of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Luana Pinheiro is a force to be feared in the women’s strawweight division. Going on a tear within Brave CF, Pinheiro absolutely slaughtered her competition on her way to a shot on Dana White’s Contender Series. Accruing a streak of five finishes in a row via submission or KO/TKO, she would not disappoint on DWCS by letting her streak die. Pinheiro finished her opponent via KO/TKO and was awarded a contract, making her finishing streak a solid six.

The streak would die however when Pinheiro made her UFC debut, as an illegal up-kick by Randa Markos caused the fight to be stopped and Pinheiro was awarded the victory via DQ. Next, was our young Brazilian’s second UFC fight, and Pinheiro would defeat Sam Hughes via decision.

What Makes Pinheiro a Future Star?

So, what’s so special about Luana Pinheiro? First of all, she is only 28 years old. This is a big deal as MMA is one of the few sports where fighters are oftentimes at their peak around their upper thirties and even early forties. Of course, the sport is brutal and things like being knocked out a lot or going on a big losing streak often times spell the end of a career. The point is that Pinheiro will have years and years to develop, and is still a long way away from reaching her “fighting prime”.

How does she fight? Well, Pinheiro is an absolute monster all-around. Her clinch game is nasty, and she utilizes slick trips and hip tosses to bring her opponents to the ground. The grappling game of Pinheiro is smothering and oppressive, rolling with her can easily spell doom as submissions are always a threat. And striking? Pinheiro stalks forward like Nate Diaz and throws volume like a Colby Covington. She overwhelms her opponents with vicious hooks and straights and if you don’t watch out, she puts you out!

So with all that being said, keep the young 28 year old on your radar, and look out for her to shake up the UFC’s strawweight division. Don’t forget to check for a full list of promo codes for online betting should you want to make a bet. Also, feel free to search up her highlights on youtube as they are definitely impressive and worth the watch, as for copyright reasons we can’t embed or link to the video.

Molly McCann (11-4, 4-3 UFC)

While Molly McCann has had a rough road during her UFC tenure, “Meatball” has shown the fans she is legit as they come, embodying the “fighter spirit” in its purest of forms. McCann doesn’t have the most glamourous record, however, if you see the scope of her competition you will recognize she’s been fighting nothing but the most ferocious young talent in her weight class.

“Meatball” is a viral star waiting to be made. With the personality and fight style McCann possesses, she has left an impact on the hearts of many fans.

McCann is a slugger with a chin of steel. With the heart “Meatball” has and her young age, do not be surprised if we see this European turn into a superstar one day!

Miranda Maverick (9-3, 2-1 UFC)

At 24, Miranda “Fear The” Maverick is one of the most frightening prospects in Women’s MMA. Fighting her way to infamy in the well-known Women’s MMA league Invicta FC, Maverick was on a seven-fight win streak until her last fight against Maycee Barber. This fight ended in a controversial decision with Barber taking the judges’ nod, although many felt it should’ve gone to Maverick.

The young American is predominantly a smothering grappler who mauls her opponents. The physicality of Maverick is astounding, and as she was literally raised on a farm: her fighting prowess gives credence to the age-old adage of “Farmer’s strength”.

“Fear The” Maverick is like the female coming of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Give her some time, and she could prove unstoppable.

Who are some other UFC women prospects you’d like to hear about? Would you like to see a series spotlighting up-and-coming talent (male and female)? Let us know down in the comments below!

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