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Another Rise and Conquer event is in the books as The Point in Sunderland was the home to nineteen action-packed MMA bout’s last Sunday.

After several previously scheduled shows were cancelled, Rise and Conquer put on a successful event for the sold-out crowd in attendance.

The fight card was highly stacked with talent from England and Scotland competing on the night, generating a ton of buzz beforehand. From amateur’s taking their first steps into the world of combat, fighter’s breaking their long haul of inactivity, professional’s taking the next leap, and veteran’s looking to see what’s left in their tank.

Twelve Scottish athletes made the trip down to Sunderland. Among them was Griphouse fighter Jasim Beg, who broke his recent spell of inactivity with a fight of the night winning performance with Daniel Bainbridge. Unfortunately, the result didn’t sway in Beg’s favour. However, the future is bright, and Beg showed his grit and determination to push forward and make it a tricky outing for his opponent.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jasim Beg to get his post-fight thoughts on his fight at Rise and Conquer 9. See the full interview below.

Interview With Jasim Beg

Now that dust has settled, and we are nearly a week post your fight on Rise and Conquer 9 with Daniel Bainbridge. How are you feeling physically and mentally after a war like that?

Jasim Beg – “Hi, Lewis thanks. First of all, I would like to thank you for reaching out and giving Scottish fighters a platform to promote themselves and Scottish MMA. You are doing a great job. Keep up the excellent work!”

“Physically I’m still recovering from Daniel’s low kicks. He took out my knee in the first round and continued to punish the inside of my leg. I think it will be a couple of weeks before I’m back training 100%. Mentally I’m feeling great. This fight grew me up a lot, and more than ready for the next challenge.”

You’ve been out of competitive MMA for some time before Sunday. How was the whole experience of being among the madness of fight week, cutting weight and then fighting itself? Was the process as enjoyable as you remembered?

Jasim Beg – “Being out for a while makes a difference. The experience, on the whole, was even more enjoyable than I remember it. I honestly missed it. I love the madness of fight week to day life is too damn boring. The weight cut was smooth. I had a great team with me as we had a few of us fighting, so we shared the experience making it easy for each other. The fight itself was madness, but I enjoyed every second of that madness. I live for it.”

Daniel’s speed seemed to be causing you problems from the start, and as you mentioned in your post-fight post, ring rust played a massive part in that. However, you managed to come back into the fight and finish strong. What were the adjustments you made that allowed that dog to come out?

Jasim Beg – “Yup, bang on the speed and power Daniel put on me from the start was completely different from training. Although I’ve been training the whole time I’ve been away from the cage, you can never truly replicate a fight, especially with a guy like Daniel Bainbridge, who is fresh of fights and coming to kill. After the first or second round, I felt like myself in there, and I always come to fight. He hit me with everything he had and, seeing me take it all and come forward-tilted the fight in my direction. I used the momentum to push forward.”

Although not coming away with the victory on Sunday, you put on a solid fight of the night winner and entertained the crowd. It was setting the pace for the night early on. Overall, how happy were you with your performance considering the long haul of inactivity? What do you feel you did well in there and perhaps not so well?

Jasim Beg – “Getting fight of the night on a stacked card like that is a bonus. Of course, I’m disappointed I didn’t get the W, but I’m happy the fight went the way it did, as it will help me grow a lot more as a fighter in comparison to getting a quick win. I felt I had done well to press forward despite not having the best of starts. I could have let my inner dog come out more, but that only comes with more cage time, so I’m certain you will see more action in my coming fights.”

You mentioned Daniel put a pace on you that you haven’t felt for some time. How difficult was dealing with that straight of the bat on your return, not giving you a minute to breathe, and is that the fight you anticipated from Daniel?

Jasim Beg – “The pace Daniel put on me was different from training. As mentioned above, it was challenging to deal with, and I didn’t expect him to go for the kill straight away, but I’m glad he did, as it showed me that I’m capable of taking some damage and coming back.”

Now you’ve been back in there and felt the grind and competition, is the bug back? Can we expect to see you compete regularly? If that was you after a massive period out, I’m excited to see you competing and progressing on a regular basis.

Jasim Beg “Oh, I have the bug. I’m a fighter; I always have been. I’ve just not been able to showcase who I am and what I’m capable of yet. I will be competing as regularly as possible. No doubt you’ll see me in there soon, hopefully In another war, as I love putting on a show for the fans.”

In your ideal world, map out the perfect 2022 for you in terms of MMA?

Jasim Beg “In 2022 I’ll be looking to get at least another 3/4 fights in as well as regular Jujitsu competitions. I want to get used to the pressure and pace of competition and become as comfortable as possible. I will be active. I enjoy fighting, and I’m here to fight. I’m here to put on a show.”

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