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Almighty Fighting Championship Announce New Bonus System

This week Almighty Fighting Championship owner Ray Thompson announced that the promotion would be implementing a new bonus system leading into 2022.

Ray Thompson has been known for his incredible generosity in the past allowing fighters with endless opportunities to make some money and chase their dreams with as little stress as possible.

For that reason, Almighty Fighting Championship has cemented itself as the leading organisation in the United Kingdom for fighters across the country. We expect nothing to change with the new bonus system in the new year. 

Almighty Fighting Championship Current Bonus System

  • 2 x Finish of the nights – Each fighter will earn £100.
  • Fight of the night – Each fighter will earn £100.
  • Team of the night – Each fighter per winning team will earn £100.

Almighty Fighting Championship kick off their 2022 season on January 22nd at AFC 22 at the Rainton Arena in Houghton Le Spring. January 22nd is when the change of the bonus system will occur.

Almighty Fighting Championship New Bonus System

  • 2 x Finish of the night and fight of the night – Each fighter will earn £250 bonus.
  • The team of the night will remain the same.

In addition to the new change, Ray Thompson and his staff will go through all the previous bonus winners for that year and pick their fight of the year and two finishes of the year. Each fighter chosen will receive a £500 bonus just in time for Christmas.

The new bonus system showcases how Almighty Fighting Championship values the fighters competing on their show, which will only motivate the athletes to go out and perform.

The promotion continues to go from strength to strength, and are anticipating a massive year in 2022 with twelve shows currently locked in.

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Featured Image credits to Almighty Fighting Championship

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