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Texas Cities that need an MLB team

The Lone Star State is simply too big to host just two Major League Baseball teams. If Texas was to add another team, these cities could serve as perfect hosts.

1. Austin

If any town is fit to host an MLB team, why not Austin? The Texan capital and eleventh-most populous American city would be a great place for a team. Nearby Round Rock hosts the minor league Express. The AAA club ranked seventh in minor league attendance in 2019.

Austin"s only major-league level team is in Major League Soccer, leaving the sports fanbase prime for a Big Four spotlight. Of course, any expansion team or relocated club would have to compete for attention with the Longhorns.

Any Austin MLB club might take a lesson from their MLS neighbors in marketing strategy:

2. San Antonio

San Antonio hosts one major league level team, the San Antonio Spurs, as well as the San Antonio Missions (a minor league baseball club). San Antonio has an even larger population than Austin and ranks seventh in the country. Just imagine the fabulous River Walk adorned with pennants and banners of the major league Missions…

3. El Paso

El Paso is too frequently forgotten by much of the United States, but it is the 23rd-largest city in the country. Already home to a professional team in the AAA El Paso Chihuahuas, the West Texas club ranked 13th in attendance in MiLB in 2019. The Chihuahuas also rake in merchandise sales. An El Paso team would be able to bring in fans from the West Texas area as well as the New Mexico fanbase.

Final Thoughts

Texas is just too big of a state to host only two baseball teams, even if one of them is more successful than the other. Texans would love to have another MLB team call the state home, and it would be a good move for the business side of baseball.

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