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Drivers Past and Present have a say on Verstappen vs Hamilton

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In what is one of the most competitive race finishes in recent Formula 1 memory, many drivers past and present have weighed in with their thoughts on the battle between the Red Bull of Max Verstappen, and the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton.

Can Hamilton make it a record eight (8) Driver World Championship wins, or will Verstappen take the glory in his first World championship, we won’t have long to find out as the finall race goes down live from Abu Dhabi on 12th of December 2021.

In a race that promises some sort of drama has both drivers tied on 369.5 points going into the race, although a theoretical situation where both drivers DNF would see Verstappen drive away as Champion as he has the most race wins going into the final race.

Let’s take a look at what drivers past and present think about the battle going into the final race.

What the Experts have to say

Damon Hill

“There are some people who drive with absolutely no compromise whatsoever,” “And I think Max is one of those people. But he’s very skilful and very brilliant, and it’s exciting to watch.

“I think Lewis, who has to deal with that, is now very cautious.

“He’s not intimidated but he’s very wary of Max, and probably rightly so.

“He’s had to put up with a lot of vigorous defending with Max. It’s not Lewis’ style but it’s Max’s style and Max is pushing everything to the limit.

“It’s for the world title, both drivers want it massively and there’s always going to be tears.”

Fernando Alonso

“Yes, Max does remind me of myself,”

“We don’t come from a British background. That’s why, for example in a title fight, we have it much harder. “Look around you in Formula 1, most of them are from England. Then as a challenger, you are automatically the bad guy.

“Do you remember what they said about Max? That he was a rebel and didn’t respect the rules. And that he always crossed the line.

“But often he didn’t, but that was just because he wasn’t British.

“I went through exactly the same thing. There are many similarities.”

Johnny Herbert

“It puts a little bit of a bad taste in the mouth,” he said.

“I think it just shows what Max is willing to do to try and win this world championship.

“I agree with Lewis – I love Max for what he does on the racetrack – but he does really push the limits, and sometimes he pushes it too much.”

Daniel Ricciardo

“That they go to Abu Dhabi with the same number of points is a gift to the sport,” he added.

“I’ve been hoping for that for years, although of course I’d prefer to be in the fight myself.

“We will have a real final. The veteran who can break all records versus the youngest grand prix winner ever.

“That’s a magnificent story. A dream scenario.

“I call it a battle royale. The pressure couldn’t be higher. May the best man win.”

Martin Brundle

“I think Verstappen has got to think about his driving standards. They were too much today,” he said on commentary.

“There’s aggressive, determined, feisty racing and then there’s what we saw this evening, which was too much.”

Kimi Räikkönen

“For me, it doesn’t matter. Whoever has the most points at the end of the last race wins. “

“Honestly I think everyone that gets close is always going to be in a lot of tight battles, and one will be upset one day and the next another day.

“But I think a lot has been written about it and making a big story out of not so many things in my view, but that is I guess F1 or the media.

“A lot has been written on something that’s made much worse than it actually is.”

In what has been a tremendous season of Formula 1 who will come out on top andbe crowned Champion?

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