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Almighty Fighting Championship closed out a successful year of action last month with Almighty FC 21 proving to be one of the most triumphant shows to date.

Almighty FC made The Olympia in Liverpool, England, their home for the evening with twenty-two well-matched fights taking centre stage, generating an incredible atmosphere throughout the fight card.

I had the opportunity to catch up with one young man, Jack Grundy from team Kaobon, who spectacularly made his amateur MMA debut with a round-one TKO victory over Alex Williams.

The future is incredibly bright for 16-year old Jack Grundy. Below Grundy gave me his post-fight thoughts.

Interview With Jack Grundy

Now you’ve had some time to settle and take in everything surrounding your amateur MMA debut. If you can, some up the whole experience and feeling? Was it everything you expected?

Jack Grundy – “The experience was crazy, but it was everything I expected it to be. I had competed my whole life and was comfortable the whole time leading up to it; I didn’t expect anything different I feel like I’ve seen that day many times before it happened.”

Your opponent started extremely fast, coming out with big punches and marching forward. I believe landing a good right hand. Did you anticipate that from Williams from the get-go?

Jack Grundy – “Honestly, no, I didn’t expect him rushing out so fast. I thought when I cracked him, he might panic and rush at me later on in the fight, but he came out straight away, not touching gloves trying to take my head off, but I’m composed in all areas, so it didn’t worry me at all.”

Following that question, there seemed to be a switch in the fight where you just settled and looked very loose and comfortable leading up to the finish. Did it take a second for the nerves to wear of, and did the nerves of making your MMA debut in a packed-out Olympia play a role?

Jack Grundy – “I felt very settled. As soon as I stepped in there, it felt right to be making my debut in front of a packed out crowd in the Olympia. That’s where all the legends from our gym have made their debuts, such as Terry Etim.”

Why was MMA a path you decided to go down, and did you always know this was a path you wanted to pursue? Was it because of being around the wrestling/gym scene throughout growing up with your dad and the guys at Team Kaobon?

Jack Grundy – “MMA has been the path for me since I first watched it. I started just wrestling for years at first, but when I watched the UFC for the first time, I knew I wanted to be there even at a young age.”

When you stop Williams, the referee pulls you off, and you jump on the cage after winning your amatuer debut in Liverpool. Can you describe that feeling? What’s going through your head at that moment?

Jack Grundy – “It was just a massive relief stopping him in the first round with all the support there for me and a tiny bit of healthy rivalry between Williams and me as we have fought each other before, so it felt good to get the job done.”

Fighters are their most prominent critics always. Although a spectacular first-round victory. Are you pleased with your performance? Did anything occur in there in terms of your performance that you weren’t happy with?

Jack Grundy – “I’m definitely my biggest critic and even getting hit once annoys me after the fight, even in such a quick fight, I always feel I have so much to improve on, but overall I was very pleased with my performance from the way I handled the crowd all the to the finish.”

How valuable do you feel it is training with the guys at Team Kaobon, just being around the team from such a young age and drawing motivation and inspiration from guys, such as your father fighting at the highest level of the sport?

Jack Grundy – “I feel very grateful to be training with one of the best teams in the world at such a young age, and I feel I have fitted in very well as a part of the team and don’t feel out of place at all. I draw a lot of motivation from everyone in the team as we are all not looking at small goals. Everyone’s training hard every day to be the best.”

You’ve ended the year on a high, making your debut and going 1-0. Is there anything or any goals you have set out for 2022 in terms of inside the Octagon?

Jack Grundy – “I fight on the 18th of December on the Masda show to end the year on an even more of a high at 2-0, so the only goals in mind for 2022 will be an active year.”

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