Christmas Gift Ideas For A Canucks Fan

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Christmas is fast approaching and many people might still be scratching their heads and wondering what to get the Vancouver Canucks fan in their life this holiday. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We will look into many different price items with a wide price range as well as things for everyone from a mom, a dad, a grandparent, a child, a partner, or even just a friend.

The “Easy” Gifts

With so many options we will start with the easy gifts. Such as a pair of tickets. On SeatGeek.com the average Canucks ticket price is $82, but you can find tickets for as low as $27, you can also get tickets on Ticketmaster.ca, but if you would like a deal on tickets try gametime.co is a great place to get cheap tickets for the fan in your life.

Another easy option is a jersey. Although a jersey will run you anywhere from $150-$300, a jersey is essential for every fan, right? You can get it with or without a player name but if you want it to be truly special there are options to put a custom name and number onto the back of the sweater.

The final “easy” gift comes from hardware. It is winter time therefore a toque is never a bad idea, there are plenty of nice different styles of Canucks toques that can be found online or at your local lids store. If a toque isn’t the right play you can’t wrong with a hat. Hats also come in many different styles, such as flat brims or curved brims. Luckily if you are looking at hats you can also find cheaper ones in the clearance section.

Stocking Stuffers

If you have found the main present or presents but still need to fill those stockings you are in luck because there are a lot of cool little things to stuff those stockings. A good starting point is Canucks hockey cards, which can be found on shop.nhl.com, hockey cards are not age-restricted. Another option is socks. Regardless of common belief, everyone loves a good pair of socks and for a fan having a pair of socks covered in the time logo or even the Canucks mascot Fin would be pretty cool. There are still so many options such as suite ties, phone cases, coffee mugs, night lights, or even the classic foam finger for a die-hard Canucks fan.

The Golfer Gift

Is that special person in your life an avid golfer? If so hockey and golf go great together there for there are many great golf-orientated gifts. Cheap and easy you could look and a Canucks themed divot tool and ball markers that can cost as little as $15. For under $10 you can find three packs of golf balls or tees. If you are looking for something a bit harder to lose for around club cover sells for as low as $30. Then finally for $85 you can get that special someone a nice new golf bag and send them on their way to the course.

Colectors Item

When you hear autograph, do you think expensive? Well, some things are such as autographed jerseys but you can also find less expensive autographed things such as pucks or pictures. Do you have a Brock Boeser fan in your life? Maybe they would love a puck autographed by him, for just $50 you can get a 2015 NHL draft puck signed by Boeser. Do you have a Quinn Hughes fan in your life? $70 will get you an autographed Hughes picture.

Merry Christmas Canucks Fans

These are just some suggestions for the Canucks fan in your life. There are 100’s of options out there Canucks oriented and we only touched a fraction of them, there are still shirts, sweaters, pyjamas, flags, and even Christmas ornaments. If the Canucks fan in your life receives any Canucks gift from you they are lucky. Merry Christmas Canucks fans, remember to cheer loud until the new year and continue on from there.

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