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Kai Kara France Claims Betting on Garbrandt at UFC 269 Could Be a Recipe for Disaster.

As a significant betting favorite, Cody Garbrandt heads into his UFC 269 main card clash. However, his opponent, Kai Kara France, advises fans not to put money on ‘No Love.’

Something To Prove

Kara France and Garbrandt open a stacked main card in a flyweight bout, which promises fireworks, this Saturday at UFC 269. 

Former UFC bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt, will make his 125-pound debut this weekend after losing to Rob Font in their main event slot in May. It was a tough 25 minutes for the 30-year-old who ate 176 significant strikes and was out-landed in all five rounds.

His unanimous decision loss means he has now lost the last 4 of 5 fights in the bantamweight division, which includes 2 title fights against former Team Alpha Male teammate and biggest rival, TJ Dillashaw.

“I’ve Got To Make a Statement”

Garbrandt made an appearance on the “Rollin with the Homies” Podcast and claimed he’s ‘scared’ to make his flyweight debut and knows there’s a lot of unanswered questions to address:

“I’ve got to make a statement, and I’m known to. This is a huge fight for me, huge opportunity for my career. I’m as scared of this as any fight because I’ve never made 125. I’ve never fought here. 

There’s a lot of unanswered questions. Just like going into the Dominick Cruz fight – yeah, I could go in there and knock him out. But could I go five rounds? Could I do this? Could I do that?”

Kai Kara France returns to the octagon after his performance of the night victory against Rogerio Bontorin at UFC 259. After spending most of the opening round with Bontorin on his back, looking for chokes, Kara France broke free and connected with a pair of double trouble right hands that forced the Brazilian to face plant into the UFC canvas.

“I Don’t Need To Worry”

As Kara France looks to repeat his UFC 259 success, he has warned fans that putting money on Garbrandt could be a recipe for disaster:

“It’s one of these fights where I don’t need to worry about getting taken down. I know he’s too stubborn to do that. He’ll rather just go out on his shield than play it safe.” 

Kai said via MMANews. “Stylistically, we’re a great matchup. I come forward, I like to swing and kickbox. I’ve got great cardio. He’s always had the speed advantage at bantamweight, but now coming down to flyweight, he won’t have that speed advantage because we’re all fast… People, if they’re underestimating me, don’t put money on Cody because you’re going to lose it.”

Who are you siding with in this weekend’s flyweight bout? Are you taking the chance and betting on Cody?

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