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Sean O’Malley Reacts Live to Cody Gardbrant’s KO Loss

Saturday night was a glorious night of violence. From start to finish we saw spectacular finishes. Unfortunately for Cody Gardbrant, he was on the receiving end of one of the biggest shots of the night, when Kai Kara France starched him with a massive right hand followed by a flurry of big shots. One of his biggest rivals in Sean O’Malley was being interviewed while simultaneously watching the fight. This is a fan’s dream, as most people were likely curious as to how O’Malley would react to one of his favorite trash-talking partners getting starched.

O’Malley slid in a dig at Cody with his “not everyone is built for this” comment, as Gardbrant has said that about O’Malley himself numerous times. Even though he couldn’t help but take a poke here, O’Malley was surprisingly respectful when asked about Cody Gardbrant at the official post-fight media scrum. This definitely speaks to the character of O’Malley in a positive way. A lot of people like to call O’Malley out for the people he associates himself with outside of the cage.

Personally, you can look at O’Malley and see he just wants to be cool, and for people to view him as such. Does that mean it’s a good idea to associate with people like the Paul brothers or Tekashi 69? Of course not, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy. O’Malley was gifted an opportunity to be the bad guy and completely lay into Cody, but he didn’t. He praised Cody’s legacy and refused to kick the man while he was down. “Suga” Sean O’Malley really is not the guy many portray him to be, he was very respectful towards his opponent Paiva after the fight, and couldn’t help but share with us how much he respects Dominick Cruz. As a matter of fact, he has spoken very highly of Cruz every time he is given a chance to. This is a far cry from Conor McGregor‘s attitude when he was on the come up, the person O’Malley is compared to the most. A lot of fans in today’s climate mistake self-belief as arrogance. When Sean O’Malley speaks arrogance is not energy he gives off, he radiates confidence. Will this confidence translate to a successful title run? Well, we’ll see, because it seems like the challenging fights start now.

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