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Sean Strickland Turns His Back, Gets Submitted at SUG 29

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland suffered a confusing and arguably hilarious defeat at Submission Underground 29 on Sunday.

Strickland appeared in the main event against Andy Varela. Throughout the grappling match, Strickland appeared to be enjoying himself. Then inexplicably, Strickland completely turned his back to Varela, seemingly gesturing to the crowd, and Varela pounced.

Varela immediately leaped onto Strickland’s back and cinched in a rear-naked choke forcing Strickland to tap. Former UFC title contender Chael Sonnen was on commentary and couldn’t help, but laugh at the situation Strickland put himself in.

After the match at SUG 29, Strickland posted on social media declaring that he should stick to boxing in the future and posted, "I didn’t consent to that at all lol!!!!" 

Despite the name of the event being Submission Underground, Strickland claimed that he was unaware that submissions were legal. Strickland believed it to be nothing more than a wrestling match. It was a rare moment where Strickland broke away from his usual controversial antics to poke some fun at the situation and at himself. 

It didn’t take long for Strickland to get back to the level of craziness we are accustomed to seeing from him. "Went to Portland because there is only so much porn and video games someone can handle in a weekend and I gotta be honest it just saddens me life isn’t like a movie.. I just wish some random act of violence would happen to me while walking down the street. Minus the dying part lol," said Strickland on his Twitter account.

Strickland has won five straight and remains undefeated since moving to the UFC"s middleweight division. In his most recent bout, he outpointed Uriah Hall during a five-round affair. Strickland’s next bout is currently scheduled for Feb. 5 where he will face Jack Hermansson in the event"s headliner. 

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