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Michael Chandler Claims Dustin Poirier ‘Quit’ at UFC 269

Lightweight contender, Michael Chandler, has claimed that Dustin Poirier ‘quit’ in his fight with Charles Olivera at UFC 269. Chandler was very active on Twitter during the event, with much of what he was writing aimed at Poirier.

Taking Aim

After a second attempt at lightweight gold, Poirier fell short once again after being defeated by ‘Do Bronx’ in the third round of their main event fight in Las Vegas. A trademark submission from Oliveira saw him defend his belt for the first time.

Immediately after the fight’s events, Chandler was quick to take aim at ‘The Diamond,’ comparing his loss to the champ to the one that Poirier had just suffered himself.

He wrote: “I would never ever quit…I went out on my shield after being separated from consciousness, congrats to Oliveira… #ufc269”.

“The way I see it…the whole world wants to see me rematch 2 out of the three fights I’ve had in the UFC… that’s how you come in and make a statement,” Chandler added. “I’d never QUIT. Congrats to Oliveira …punch your ticket with Gaethje this summer, and I’ll see you at the end of 2022 “.

Red Panty Night?

As well as throwing his name back into the mix for a future title shot, the former title contender also stated that he believes Poirier may have blown his shot at a lucrative fourth fight with Conor McGregor, stating:

“Why would the biggest name in the sport come back and fight a guy who QUIT over a guy who is the second most electrifying guy in the division?”

What are your thoughts on Dustin Poirier and his performance in Las Vegas on the weekend? Do you think ‘Iron Mike’ will get another title fight by the end of 2022?

In a division that’s evolved so much over the last few years, it’s hard to imagine Chandler or Poirier getting another shot at UFC gold in the upcoming months, so perhaps it’s an opportunity to settle their score themselves. Let us know what you think of Chandler’s comments.

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