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Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Paul Maurice Resigns

Early on Friday, December 17th, the world received the news that the now-former Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice would be tendering his resignation and stepping down from his position effective immediately. The news came as a shock as Maurice has been a fairly effective coach, and his team appears to have good morale with him, as there were no known issues had with him, and no confrontations between the players and himself that had been reported during the season. The Jets swept the Edmonton Oilers in the first round of the playoffs last season.

Maurice was extremely emotional during his final press conference, which is to be expected given the coach has been with the Jets organization for nine seasons, and has formed a real bond with the organization, which was on full display with his coaching as he knew his players and was able to select line pairings with a high degree of success, as he knew how the players would respond to one another. View footage of Maurice"s farewell below.


Maurice was an overall strong head coach and has been in the league for a considerable amount of time, coaching with the Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs, and finally the Jets. While the coach has yet to win a Stanley Cup in his career, he has been involved in building some strong teams and helped move his teams up the table and towards brighter futures.

Fans can be sure that this coach is too high quality of a coach to be left without a team, and there are some possible suitors for Maurice to start in on a new franchise, with possible coaching positions including the Florida Panthers, who look like they could be looking for a cup push of their very own. As well, the Chicago Blackhawks and Philidelphia Flyers are both looking for new head coaches, and look to be at a point where they could use a head coach with a specialty of mentoring young talent in order to build the organization up for the future.

Regardless of where he ends up, Maurice has had a strong career and looks like he could continue to do so with any number of teams. The Jets will name Dave Lowry as the interim head coach of the organization and is predicted to serve this role for the rest of the season, which will see him with a chance to turn the team"s performance around, which could see him keep the position of head coach for further seasons.

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