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Is Canada ready for another MLB franchise? Depending on who you ask there are mixed answers to this question. Canadians will tell you that they’re ready to have a second franchise like they had years before. Take them back to the days of Montreal Expos and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Ask anyone outside of Canada if they should add a second MLB franchise in Canada, you will hear mixed responses. Many south of the border believe that there are more deserving cities that are ready over Canada. In the end, it always seems to be a discussion that ends in a split decision.

Canada Is Certainly Ready

Call me bias but I believe Canada is certainly ready for a second MLB franchise and the King of the North battle can return. Remember the days of the Expos versus the Blue Jays and the bragging rights at stake each year. The Canadians are passionate about their teams and without a doubt, a second MLB franchise will thrive.

The question is where do you add the second franchise in Canada? That’s where the difficult decisions come in, does it make sense to add it back in Montreal, or do you move to the western side of Canada and add a team in Vancouver or somewhere in British Columbia. The possibility of getting a new franchise in Canada is certainly not a guarantee but there is a real buzz surrounding this ongoing debate.

What City Deserves A 2nd Canadian MLB Team?

There are two Canadian cities that are the frontrunners for the country’s 2nd MLB franchise, Montreal, and Vancouver. Montreal has a fanbase that is wishing to have MLB return and allow them to host Canada’s second MLB franchise.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada home of the former Montreal Expos who are considerably missed by their beloved fans that continues to push in the Hopes MLB makes its return one day. The Montreal Expos competed in MLB from (1969-2004) playing at the iconic Olympic Stadium from (1977-2004), known around the country as “The Big O.”

The fans who Remember the days of watching Vladimir Guerrero and the Expos take the field are vying for a team to be added or relocated back to Montreal and the pull is strong.

Vancouver is not a bad choice for a 2nd Canadian MLB franchise to call home, those in British Columbia have fought for the last few years to be considered a candidate should MLB return to Canada with a second team. Vancouver is home to the Toronto Blue Jays minor league affiliate the Vancouver Canadians and has plenty of viable locations to have a stadium and home built for a second MLB franchise.

A second Canadian MLB franchise in Vancouver would create a much-needed rivalry between them and the Seattle Mariners. The citizens of Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole have expressed their extreme desire to have an MLB franchise housed in their city and province, the battle with Montreal has heated up in recent years.

Relocation or Expansion

The big decision will be if Major League Baseball decides to relocate a current team or if they decide to expand and add and a new franchise. There are teams struggling to make ends meet as the Arizona Diamondbacks have asked for funding in order to keep the team in operation. There is also the Colorado Rockies who have struggled financially in recent years and could be a possible relocation team in the future.

The chance of a second Canadian MLB team is by no means a home run or a guarantee. The big question is does MLB executives see Canada as a viable market for years to come, the last thing they want is to locate a new team or existing team to a Canadian city for it to struggle.

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