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Michael Chandler Apologizes After Criticizing Dustin Poirier for ‘Quitting’ at UFC 269

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At UFC 269, lightweight champion Charles Oliveira defended his throne against Dustin Poirier, defeating “The Diamond” by submission in the third round. During the event, former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler watched closely and gave his opinions on Twitter. 

Michael Chandler Apologizes

Chandler seemed to take exception to Poirier tapping to a rear-naked choke by Oliveira, saying, “I would never quit…I went out on my shield after being separated from consciousness. Congrats to Oliveira” Chandler fought Oliveira earlier this year in Houston, Texas, for the vacant lightweight belt and came up short. He fought off a similar submission attempt by Oliveira before strikes stopped him in round two of the bout. 

Chandler did make further comments on the fight whilst co-hosting ‘The Fighter vs The Writer’. He said, “I think there’s always a little bit more fight left before a tap could happen. I will admit maybe I was a little bit too harsh. Maybe the word quit was not the right word to use. I also got my back taken by Charles Oliveira, he almost had that choke locked up, and I was able to fight out of it. I will concede maybe using the word quit was a little bit harsh, especially against one of the good guys. People are probably like, ‘How are you going to come at Dustin Poirier? He’s one of the best guys in MMA, right?’ It was just me.”

Chandler holds an impressive record and has been exciting in each of his three UFC appearances so far. Although Chandler has been stopped by strikes, he is yet to be submitted in the cage. He said, “I have never tapped, and it doesn’t make me tougher or better or more whatever than anybody. Maybe I’ll eat my words someday, but that’s what we do. That’s why they say words once spoken can never be caught with the swiftest horse. Once you say something, you’ve got to own it. You’ve got to eat it.”

Michael Chandler Explains

‘Iron’ Mike did apologize for his comments, stating, “Sorry for anybody out there who I offended who loves Dustin Poirier, sorry for anybody out there who thought it was a little bit too critical. But that’s how I was feeling in the moment. I love the sport. I love this division. I love fighting.”

Chandler also expressed his interest in becoming Poirier’s future opponent. “I think he’s a phenomenal ambassador for the sport, but he and I, when it comes to the competition aspect of us both being fighters inside the same division, I think we both have a little bit of a bone to pick with each other. So he’s always been a name on the list. He’s a guy that I respect, a guy that I admire inside of the sport of mixed martial arts and a guy I would love to compete against.”

Dustin Poirier has expressed his interest in fighting Nate Diaz next but do you think that a fight between Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier should be lined up in 2022? Who do you think would come out on top, and how?

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