Preparing for a Full Season in Toronto

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The Toronto Blue Jays are working towards doing something that they haven’t done in nearly two years, playing the season opener and full season in the Rogers Centre. In July 2021 the Blue Jays made their return to Canada and played a regular-season game at Rogers Centre in front of their fans for the first time in over a year. In 2022 Toronto hopes to play all their home games in the Dome and in front of fans.

Covid May Force Blue Jays South of the Border

The Covid-19 pandemic continues as the omicron variant has surfaced and is causing issues for border travel and pro sports. The threat of Toronto not being able to start the 2022 season in Toronto at the Rogers Center is a real possibility once again.

It would be unfortunate if the Blue Jays end up opening their season away from the Rogers Center as Canada continues to battle Covid-19. Toronto was able to return in 2021 but the team and fans are hoping to have home games in downtown Toronto from opening day. Toronto has expressed their desires to make this happen especially when they are as good at the Rogers center as they were in 2021.

A New Look For the Blue Jays

The Blue Jays are working on bolstering their roster to fill the void from the departures of Marcus Semien and Robbie Ray, Toronto has added to their pitching rotation with Kevin Gausman and Yimi Garcia who have both signed with the team.

The Blue Jays are not done adding to their lineup but they will have to wait for the MLB lockdown to end as the players and owners continue to hash out a new CBA.

Uncertainty Looms Over Blue Jays Season

The Blue Jays have made the best out of having to play home games on the road for the past two seasons. 2022 could be much of the same and the uncertainty surrounding the team is another distraction that is out of their control. Only time will tell if Toronto will be able to open their season in Toronto, not only do covid numbers have to decrease but the border restrictions have to be removed in order for the team to travel. We will continue to hope for the best and that we see a home opening game at the Rogers Centre.

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