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Every team in Major League Baseball has a song they play after each victory. Some teams change their celebratory music every few years, while others have songs that are forever associated with their team. The best songs are fun to scream at the top of your lungs and have something to do with the city their team plays in. Without further ado, here is every team’s victory song from the 2021 season, ranked against each other.

30. Pittsburgh Pirates: A New Pirate Generation By The Buzz Poets

This song does not get played very often, and it is probably in everyone’s best interest if it stays that way. The song is pretty corny and just does not make much sense. Furthermore, it is neither catchy nor available on Spotify. The only place for this song is at the bottom of this list.

29. Baltimore Orioles: Orioles Magic By Walter Woodward

This fight song is a slight step above Pittsburgh’s choice because the intro actually sounds somewhat victorious. The fact that the opening lyrics are “something magic happened” does not inspire much confidence though. While yes, Orioles victories came few and far between in 2021, this does not sound like a song you would play after a win.

28. Washington Nationals: Go Go, Red White and Blue By Susan Mooring, James Cooke, and George Cooke

The intro to this song is promising, but the rest of it is not very good. The chorus sounds more like the O’Reilly Auto Parts jingle, not a victory theme. It has a bit more energy than Baltimore and Pittsburgh’s choices, which gives Washington the slight edge.

27. Saint Louis Cardinals: Baby Wants to Ride (DJ Isaac Extended Vocal Remix) By Hani

While the energy here isn’t bad, it sounds pretty generic, and it does not really sound victorious. After about 30 seconds, the song gets old. This isn’t a victory tune that would get in someone’s head for a good reason.

26. Tampa Bay Rays: Feel the Heat Rays By Darren Moore

This song sounds like a slightly-upgraded version of Washington’s choice. If the vocals sounded a little less angry, then the song would be ranked higher. It’s not a great selection, but it isn’t the worst.

25. Detroit Tigers: Song 2 By Blur

It pains me to put this so low, but Song 2 just doesn’t really sound like a victory tune. It’s a good song, but all of the energy comes and goes in 30 seconds. That being said, it’s still a step up from the lower-ranked ones.

24. San Francisco Giants: Giant By Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man

Unlike Song 2, this selection takes a little too long to find some energy. Additionally, the instrumental never really matches the intensity of the vocals, which makes it hard to get pumped up to.

23. Arizona Diamondbacks: D-Backs Swing By Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers

When used as the background song for a higlight video, as shown above, this song actually sounds pretty good. As a victory song, it isn’t great, but it’s not too bad.

22. San Diego Padres: Bro Hymn By Pennywise

The chorus of this song, paired with the iconic bell ringing from Petco Park, supplies a decent amount of energy. It’s not very catchy though and the instrumental isn’t much outside of the drums. It’s still a solid choice though by the Friars.

21. Los Angeles Angels: Paradise City By Guns N’ Roses

Similar to Song 2, Paradise City is a pretty good song, and it’s a pretty big step up from Bro Hymn. However, it just doesn’t sound much like a celebratory tune. If anything, this song should play before games.

20. Chicago White Sox: Don’t Stop the Party By Pitbull

This is where the gap between each song starts to tighten. This is a good choice by the ChiSox, the only knock is that it is not super catchy. It also is a little overplayed.

19. Cleveland Guardians: Cleveland Rocks By The Presidents of the United States of America

The intro to this song is electric, which is fantastic. The issue is that outside of that, the song isn’t that great. However, it does make sense to play this after a win, which is why it’s ranked inside the top 20.

18. Seattle Mariners: Fire By Jimi Hendrix

Almost every Jimi Hendrix song is electric, and this one is no exception. While the energy of this song is great, it doesn’t make a ton of sense as a victory tune. This isn’t a bad choice though by any means.

17. Minnesota Twins: On Top of the World By Imagine Dragons

This is a great song, but it takes almost a full minute to reach another energy level. It definitely sounds victorious though, which is why it ranks slightly ahead of Seattle’s selection.

16. Colorado Rockies: Rocky Mountain Way By Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh’s guitar supplies all the energy necessary for this song. This gets elevated a bit in the rankings because it also relates to the city where the team plays, plus it even has a baseball reference mixed in.

15. Philadelphia Phillies: Celebrate By Pitbull

This is the superior of the two Pitbull songs featured on this list. The energy level is higher and the use of the brass instruments is much better. It still isn’t perfect, but this is a solid choice by the Phillies.

14. Miami Marlins: Let’s Groove By Earth, Wind, and Fire

There are a number of Earth, Wind, and Fire songs that fit well as a victory song, but this one might be the best option. It is a pretty good song for pre-game intros and for after a win.

13. Milwaukee Brewers: You Make My Dreams By Hall and Oates

You probably didn’t expect to see a Hall and Oates song on here. The Brewers made a very strong choice here. It’s very upbeat and it makes for a good postgame tune.

12. Toronto Blue Jays: Yeah (DJ Kontrol Unofficial Remix) By DJ Kontrol

It’s a good thing Toronto went with this song instead of their team theme song, “Ok Blue Jays.” If they had just gone with the original version of this song instead of the remix, it would probably rank higher. Regardless, this is a strong choice by the Jays.

11. Texas Rangers: I Like Texas By Pat Green

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I liked country music as celebratory music, but this is a good choice by the Rangers since it relates to Texas. It has the feel of people going out after the game to celebrate a victory.

10. Houston Astros: My Texas By Josh Abbott Band

The Astros have a nearly identical pick to the Rangers –– this song even features Pat Green in it. The only reason this is ranked higher is that the energy is slightly better here.

9. Cincinnati Reds: Unstoppable By Foxy Shazam

The Reds selected a song by local rock group Foxy Shazam, and it is a very good choice. The energy is great, plus the lyrics are fitting for a victory tune.

8. Kansas City Royals: Kansas City By The Beatles

This is song checks almost every box for a great victory song. It is catchy, has great energy, and the title is literally the city in which the team plays. This is a great pick by the Royals.

7. Oakland Athletics: Celebration By Kool & The Gang

This song is a classic, and hopefully, the A’s never stop using it. This song is especially great after a walk-off win, and it never fails to get Rickey Henderson Field rocking.

6. New York Yankees: New York, New York By Frank Sinatra

New York, New York is iconic, and almost every Yankee fan has this song memorized. The only issue here is that the Yankees also play this after the team loses, which makes it a bit less of a victory song.

5. Chicago Cubs: Go Cubs Go By Steve Goodman

Unlike the previous theme songs discussed for the Pirates, Orioles, D-Backs, Rays, and Nationals, Steve Goodman created a masterpiece here. After victories at Wrigley Field, fans stay after the game to sing this song. In fact, this song even cracked the Billboard Charts after the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

4. Atlanta Braves: Kernkraft 400 By Zombie Nation

It does not matter if this song is played before, during, or after a game, it can get any stadium rocking. The only thing holding it back on these rankings is that it is played at almost every stadium across the world, which docks the Braves a little bit for lack of originality. Still, it’s a near-perfect selection.

3. New York Mets: New York Groove By Ace Frehley

For the longest time, the Mets went with “Takin’ Care of Business”, which is also a great song. While “New York Groove” may not get the fanfare that “New York, New York” gets, it has much more energy. It also isn’t as overplayed and still sets a good post-victory mood.

2. Boston Red Sox: Dirty Water By The Standells

“Dirty Water” is the second-most popular song played at Fenway Park behind “Sweet Caroline”, and it’s an iconic Boston tune. You would be hard-pressed to find a Red Sox fan or a Bostonian who doesn’t love this song.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: I Love LA By Randy Newman

This is already a great song, but the Dodgers picked the perfect starting point for the song to play immediately after the final out is recorded. The high energy of Newman and the band is what puts it over the top, making it the best victory song in baseball.

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