Michael Bisping Goes After Jake Paul: ‘Stop Talking Like a Real Fighter’

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Former UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping has spoken out against Jake Paul’s recent social media activity. Paul has always been outspoken on social media, but his engagement has picked up in the past calendar year after he went 3-0 with wins against Ben Askren and former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul took to Twitter to share some of his goals for the year of 2022, and most of them were subtle digs at competitors. “Some people are asking about my 2022 goals. Here they are,” Paul wrote. “1. Buy Mayweather Promotions and save them from bankruptcy 2. Hire [a] stylist for Floyd Mayweather 3. Take [a] selfie with Oprah 4. Go 2 chiropractor 2 heal back from carrying the sport of boxing”

Michael Bisping sees problems with Pauls’ goals, as he believes that the ‘Problem Child’ should have one goal: to try and earn credibility as an athlete to take on proven boxers rather than undersized and aging MMA fighters.

“Your goal should be to attain credibility in the fight world. That’s what real fighters crave. Currently you have zero.”

Bisping assures media he is not angling for a fight with Paul but is sick of hearing the boxer talk incessantly when he has yet to face a legitimate opponent.

“Just tired of seeing this clown talking big when he’s yet to fight someone his own size, age, or from his own sport,” Bisping replied to a fan asking if he’s pining for a fight with Paul. “When I see that I’ll give respect. Until then it’s just a sideshow. If his aim is to make cash, fair play. Job done. But stop talking like a real fighter until then.”

“The Count” Bisping Denied Chance to Fight “The Problem Child”

In May, Bisping told LowKick MMA that he turned down the opportunity to box Paul as he believed the money was not good enough. He was open to taking the fight, but for the right price.

“I got offered a contract…It wasn’t enough money,” Bisping told the outlet. “They made an offer and it was some decent cash. But, if I’m going to make a fool out of myself by boxing a YouTuber, then I’d want a bit more for it. I’m not going to come out of retirement, but that’s essentially free money to me. If the number was big enough, then I’d be a fool not to go and pick up that money.”

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