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Dustin Poirier Has Accepted Short Notice Bout With Nate Diaz

Dustin Poirier (28-7) appeared on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas to discuss his return to the Octagon and dropped details on a huge match-up in the works for his next appearance.

Dustin Poirier Has Accepted Short Notice Bout

“A couple days ago I got a phone call, but I can’t talk about it yet,” said Poirier. “It’s a very short notice thing, something I would hate to do is stack things against myself and take a fight on short notice, but we’ll see what happens, man. I don’t want to give too much because I don’t know what I can say.”

“No contract has been signed yet, but if this does go through, I’m gonna take it,” continued Poirier.

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag

When co-host of the show, Ken Rideout, threw out his prediction that the potential opponent was none other than Nate Diaz, Poirier responded without hesitation.

“Look, I don’t owe these guys nothing, man,” said Poirier. “I’m not biting my tongue. It is Nate Diaz and just like he got on Twitter, I’m not gonna say what card, I’m not gonna say what date or whatever, but he got on Twitter talking. You know everybody’s a tough guy and the guy really fights and I’m a fan of him, but everybody’s a tough guy on the internet. He said something like, ‘let’s do it.’” I said okay, I said I’ll fight you this month.” 

While Poirier would not confirm which card the bout would take place, he did state that it would be within the next six weeks. Poirer also confirmed that the bout would likely take place at welterweight due to the short notice nature.

“I’d go up to 170. I can make that tomorrow,” said Poirier.

Throwing Down A Challenge

In December, Diaz (20-13) called out ‘The Diamond’ on Twitter and laid down a challenge for a fight in January.

“I’ll fight Dp in January don’t be a scared lil b*tch this time now or never,” wrote Diaz.

Since then the two have been lunging jabs at each other on social media. 

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for the fireworks to fly in this dream match, assuming Diaz stands by his challenge and signs on the dotted line. 

“I said yes, now we’re waiting on him,” said Poirier.

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