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Kamaru Usman Taunts Colby Covington in Video: ‘It’s Epo, I’m the CEO’

In his latest video, UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman disputed rival Colby Covington‘s claim that he is on EPO with a mocking taunt.

Both men have been more than willing to take digs at each other in their rivalry that has extended to two Octagon matchups and many social media and press conference scrums. However, Kamaru Usman is the one that has gotten the better in both of their matchups for the UFC welterweight title, even as they were very competitive.

Covington has long insulted Usman in many ways, and his go-to seems to be that the champion is on EPO or erythropoietin. EPO is a performance-enhancing drug, but it is chemically and functionally different from anabolic steroids. The drug increases the count of red blood cells, which allows a much higher level of oxygen in circulation, decreasing muscle fatigue and increasing endurance during high-performance athletic events.

EPO is highly controlled, and USADA bans its use. However, many prominent athletes, including Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis, were caught using the drug and subsequently stripped of their titles won while doping.

The Nigerian Usman appears to be fed up with the accusations, as he posted a training video with the Motherland Diaries where he poked fun at Covington’s accusation of blood-doping.

Kamaru Usman Pokes Fun at Colby Covington

“Hey, there’s a reason we’re in this position right now. It’s because we work everywhere we go, so we can’t slip up now. We can’t start slacking off when the rest of the world is aiming for me. So, even when I’m out of commission, I’m still in commission. Getting this work done.”

“You know this is just generic. A little hydration mix, no brand, but a little hydration mix. It’s EPO. You know, I’m the CEO,” Usman said, issuing a tongue-in-cheek admission of cheating designed to poke fun at Covington’s accusations of blood doping.

The 170-pound division is incredibly top-heavy, as Vicente Luque, Gilbert Burns, Leon Edwards, and Khamzat Chimaev are all making realistic runs at the title currently held by the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman. Covington, however, is not likely to challenge for the title any time soon as he is expected to fight Jorge Masvidal in a grudge match of former friends and training partners. Most likely, the winner of that fight will angle for another title shot, but there is a long line in front of them.

Do you think Usman will remain champion through 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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