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Lightweight contender and social media phenom, Ryan “KingRy” Garcia is all talk.

At least, that would be the reasonable assumption to make if you’ve been following his career for the last couple of years.

Most recently, the Los Angeles native let loose with a flow of verbiage targeting fellow 23-year-old lightweight contender Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, the Mexican battler who got plenty of positive attention in his hard-fought decision loss to Gervonta Davis last month.

Responding to a comment made by Cruz in December about Garcia being “more focused on making videos and having followers on Instagram,” Garcia took to social media with fierce, frenetic counters.

“Come Isaac Cruz, you said I have Glass chin, that all I focus is on Instagram, you’ll find out what I’m made of once you sign that contract tired of reading your interviews when you have a contract waiting for you,” Garcia wrote.

“Putting my head down and getting the Job done in 2022, I’m ready to push forward. Silence the noise and be who I am. 25-0 that’s the goal. First step get Isaac Cruz to fight and to stop wasting time. Coming from a guy that says he’ll fight me in my patio he sure takes long.

“I’m feeling so sharp and strong, actually faster then I was before, it’s kinda crazy can’t wait! Kinda feels like i was in the hyperbolic chamber from DBZ.”

Lots of bluster there, but history tells us that Ryan Garcia is usually much more bluster than blister.

There was that time, however, when he showed the world the type of fighter he could become if able to put it all together. His seventh round TKO of legit contender and top 10-ranked Luke Campbell was an eye-opener. It confirmed that this kid DID have what it takes to be an elite-level fighter and better than the sum of his parts as a boxer.

But that was in January of last year. There were only big words since that fight and, actually, only big words before that fight as well.

Garcia just fought once in 2020– a February first round destruction of fringe contender Francisco Fonseca. And since the Campbell victory, he hasn’t fought at all.

There’s been plenty of Ryan Garcia activity, though, just none of it coming inside a ring.

Earlier last year, he was scheduled to face Javier Fortuna in what would’ve been a great follow-up to his breakthrough performance against Campbell. Garcia would pull out of the Fortuna fight, however, due to mental health issues.

Then, he was set to face Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz Jr. in what would’ve been another stellar main stage opportunity to affirm his main stage status. But Garcia would pull out of THAT fight as well, this time with a hand injury.

In all his down time over the last couple of years, he appeared to be hitting the “SEND” button on his phone more than the heavy bag in the gym.

He told the world that he was going to fight Manny Pacquiao. That was not the case and, according to his own promoter, it was never the case. He also fostered the rumor that a bout with Gervonta Davis was in the works. That, also, was never the case.

With all the false starts to fights and the fake news tossed around, a reasonable person would be reasonably skeptical about Garcia’s seriousness when it comes to his actual profession.

As I wrote elsewhere:

“It’s kind of clear what Garcia is doing with this orgy of talk, talk, talk… It’s pure public relations spin. Even if he’s not doing it intentionally, the result is the same– the creation of headline fodder and perpetual buzz. It’s not a bad instinct to have for a fighter, but he has to resist the urge to…pump so much BS out there that he becomes something of a joke. With the Tank Davis bluster and now the Pacquiao stuff, he runs that risk. If he puts so much buzz out there and doesn’t deliver, fight fans will just eventually tune him out.”

Many fight fans have already reached that point of tuning him out.

As I also pointed out:

“There’s no shame in Garcia being what he is– a talented young prospect who MAY take over the world, but is not quite ready to do so yet. There’s no need for him to talk such a big game when he probably can’t deliver.”

At this point, the kid is dangerously close to becoming a joke among hardcore boxing fans. He needs to prove, right now in the immediate future, that there’s at least some seriousness in him. And talking trash on social media to the guy who just lost to Gervonta Davis probably isn’t the answer.

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