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Almighty FC 22: Quick-Fire With Shajidul Haque

Almighty Fighting Championship 22 is on the horizon. The English-based promotion is looking to pick up where they left off with a successful 2021. Ray Thompson has put together a tremendous fight card for Almighty’s first event off the new year. Almighty Fighting Championship 22 goes down in the Rainton Arena in Houghton le Spring on January 22nd.

Currently, the fight card sits at eighteen confirmed bouts, with two more potentially being added. Across the card, Almighty FC fans are treated to a wide range of talent from across the United Kingdom and further afield.

One man who competes on the night and looks to capture the Almighty FC flyweight championship is experienced flyweight Shajidul Haque. Haque meets Igor Wojtas in the promotions main event. Haque is no stranger to Almighty, with his most recent win coming at Almighty FC 20 over Aaron Robinson.

I had the pleasure off producing a fun piece of content with Haque as he answered 20-quick-fire questions ahead of his bout.

20-Quick-Fire Questions with Shajidul Haque

What do you prefer, grappling or striking?

Shajidul Haque – “Striking” 

Favourite fighter of all time?

Shajidul Haque – “Dominic Cruz”

If you could make a five-a-side fight team, which fighters would you choose?

Shajidul Haque – “Just N’gannou, I wouldn’t need anyone else.”

What’s your favourite discipline within MMA?

Shajidul Haque – “Tough pick, but probably boxing”

If you couldn’t be a fighter or train in combat. What sport would you play?

Shajidul Haque – “Competitive eating”

You can only choose one. Would you rather have a good referee or a good judge?

Shajidul Haque – “Good referee”

If you could change one fight result in the entire history of MMA, what would it be?

Shajidul Haque – “Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz, I so wanted Shamrock to win lol”

If you had the power to change one rule in MMA, what would you choose?

Shajidul Haque – “Ban the olique kick”

Do you agree with open scoring?

Shajidul Haque “No, it can make for some boring fights”

If you had the champions of one MMA era (any promotions) fight the champions of another, which two era’s would you choose?

Shajidul Haque “Pride vs UFC when Fedor was at the top of his game.”

What’s the number one food you crave when cutting weight? 

Shajidul Haque “I don’t cut enough weight to crave much”

Who is your dream opponent?

Shajidul Haque “Francis N’Gannou”

Worst injury from MMA that you’ve sustained?

Shajidul Haque “A broken heart”

What’s your favourite combination/technique to drill?Shajidul Haque

Shajidul Haque “The sucker punch, they never see it coming”

What’s the best moment of your career?

Shajidul Haque “I’ve had a lot of big wins but the best is yet to come”

Who’s had the most significant impact on your MMA journey?

Shajidul Haque “Probably my brother Sham, first he picked on me, then he trained with me, now he coaches me”

What would you rather, knockout, submission or fight of the night?

Shajidul Haque “Knockout”

Favourite post-fight meal?

Shajidul Haque “Anything that’s fried”

Do you have any pre-fight rituals?

Shajidul Haque – “Just a short pray”

Most hated workout/drill in training?

Shajidul Haque – “The assault bike”

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Featured Image credits to DN4 Photography

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