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Paulo Costa Can Be Indomitable, Manager Wallid Ismail Claims

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Paulo Costa’s manager, Wallid Ismail, believes under proper training no middleweight fighter can compete with the Brazilian.

Paulo Costa returned heavier than usual days before his fight with Marvin Vettori. Unable to revert to his original weight within the stipulated time, Dana White suggested Costa would have to fight at light heavyweight.

Vettori went on to secure the victory by a unanimous decision in the five-round duel with all three judges giving him the nod.

Despite a fine and brilliant start to life in the UFC, Paulo Costa lost his second consecutive bout in what was his first competitive match in 2021.

An important win for Marvin Vettori whose winning streak was earlier cut short by Israel Adesanya. The Italian has lost twice to the UFC champion but would relish a third match against him.

Prior to his previous bout against Vettori, Dana white believed Paulo Costa would have to remain at light heavyweight moving forward. 

However, Paulo Costa in an interview revealed he’ll be back to the middleweight. “I will come back to 185. The very next one. I want to fight for the title and get the title,” Paulo says.

Earlier, his manager claimed the Brazilian fighter would not be making a permanent change in weight class despite his recent outing. His manager also affirmed the fighter’s decision to remain at the 185 pounds division. 

“The UFC is not the biggest fighting company in the world by chance,”. “They know that ‘Borrachinha’ was injured, and that’s why he had problems with his weight. There is no doubt his next fight will take place in the middleweight division.”-Ismail says.

Paulo Costa is set to remain in the middleweight division and there remains uncertainty as to who his next opponent would be.

Ismail remains full of praise for the Brazilian who is currently ranked fifth in his division and believes he has what it takes to become unmatched.

“We will fight whoever the UFC decides. I keep believing that ‘Borrachinha’ will be the champion,” Ismail said about Costa. “He just has to train right. His biggest problem is that he trains too much. If he trains correctly, I have no doubt no one in that division can beat him.”- Ismail claims.

Paulo Costa was rumored to be comfortable with the adjustment in his weight class but his manager remains adamant.

Knowing fully well Costa would have to claw to the top of another division, Ismail insists that his fighter would remain at the middleweight as he sets his sight on a title shot.

Do you think Costa’s return to the middleweight would bring an end to his losing streak? Who would be your preferred opponent to Costa in the Octagon?

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