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Tyson Fury Interested in Boxing Match with Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou (16-3) has shown interest in a transition to boxing for years. Now with a soon-to-expire UFC contract, that transition may be closer than ever and Tyson Fury has expressed interest in a showdown.

Fury, the current WBC World Heavyweight Champion decided to gauge interest in the fight on Twitter. “Who would like to see me fight this beast boxing rules @ufc gloves,” Fury posted on Twitter along with a mock-up of a Fury vs. Ngannou graphic. 

It didn’t take long for the UFC champion to respond. “How about MMA rules with boxing gloves? I can do you that favor,” Ngannou posted on Twitter. 

Fury once again responded on Twitter. “you want to come in to my world calling me & wilder out to a boxing match. what i can guarantee you would be knocked out & also paid your highest purse to be so! so have a think,” posted Fury. 

The UFC champ added that he will face Fury under any circumstances once past his appointment with Gane on Jan. 22. “After I handle business on Jan. 22 I’ll fight you under any special rule set you want. In a ring, an octagon or a phone booth.”

Ngannou is currently scheduled to defend his UFC heavyweight title against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270. However, much of the attention has been on Ngannou’s status after the bout. UFC President Dana White has been vocal about Ngannou’s contract and difficulties working with his agent, Marquel Martin.

Ngannou reportedly has one fight left on his contract, but would likely be held to a champion’s clause should he win. Unless the UFC agrees to a release, successfully defending his title could keep him with the UFC. If Gane is victorious, Ngannou could become a free agent.

Ngannou has shown interest in staying with the UFC, but says that a clause to allow boxing would have to be included. One way or another, it certainly seems like Fury vs. Ngannou is inevitable, but not likely to happen anytime soon.

Fury, a two-time world heavyweight champion, is expected to face title challenger Dillan Whyte next.

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