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Evander Kane Placed on Unconditional Waivers

Evander Kane’s NHL career is once again up in the air as the winger was placed on unconditional waivers by the San Jose Sharks. The newest scandal Kane has gotten his name into has to deal with breaking COVID protocols during a stint with the AHL’s San Jose Barracuda. 

Troubled History

Kane is not new to getting in trouble with the NHL. Throughout his NHL career, he has been accused of many problematic acts on and off the ice. On the ice, Kane has always been a player known to play on the edge and occasionally cross that line to turn a simple play into a dangerous one. 

Off the ice, Kane has been accused of several different crimes that have gotten him in trouble. His ex-wife Anna Kane claims that he gambled on his games with bookies over the course of his career. The NHL investigated the claim but was unable to find evidence of any gambling on NHL games. 

Kane recently served a suspension for yet another off the ice conflict he got into. Similar to Antonio Brown of the NFL, Kane submitted a fake vaccination card to the league. He was promptly suspended for 21 games and concluded his suspension in November 2021. After serving his suspension he was sent to the AHL to play for the Barracuda. Initially, he did not want to report to the AHL, but he would eventually change his mind. He played just five games and had two goals and six assists with the Barracuda before getting in yet another scandal.

This most recent scandal came about because Kane violated the COVID-19 policies when he returned home in Vancouver.

What is Next for Evander Kane

While Kane will most likely find himself as a free agent in just a couple of days there may be some interest in his services. It was reported that the Sharks were attempting to trade him over the past couple of months. However, they were unable to find a trade partner for the controversial but very talented player. Without the massive $6 million price tag on Kane, teams may be more willing to take a chance on him. The troubled star will instantly be the best player left on the free-agent market. Just last season he was almost a point per game. He scored 22 goals and 27 assists for 49 points in 56 games. A player with as much talent as Kane will surely be on an NHL team"s radar despite his troubled past. 

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