Sean O’Malley Questions if Garbrandt is Suffering from CTE

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Despite needing to be separated at the UFC 269 press conference, Sean O’Malley has little interest in facing Cody Garbrandt

After going 1-4 in his last five bantamweight bouts, Garbrandt dropped to flyweight and stepped into the Octagon against Kai Kara-France. Unfortunately, the change in weight class didn’t go the way ‘No Love’ had hoped. Kara-France put Garbrandt away in the very first round. 

“I Really Want to Whoop His A**”

After the unsuccessful flyweight debut, Garbrandt is now looking at jumping back to 135 for a fight with O’Malley that he feels is inevitable. 

“I think if I went to 35, I would do things a little differently. Keep my weight up throughout the camp. There’s a lot of good matchups. Sean O’Malley, I really want to whoop his a**. That’s a fight that’s looming,” Garbrandt said on his ‘Rollin with the Homies’ podcast. “Hopefully, that could possibly be my next one. I want that fight so I’d like to stay at 35. 

“He might fight me now because I’m not in the rankings at 35 and he’s ranked so that’ll be a good fight,” Garbrandt continued. “You got to respect his skills, he leveled up a little bit with the Raulian fight, caught him early on, but we know that. The only way he was gonna win was catching him early on and he did that. He did his job, hats off to him. He’s now in the rankings so I have to go back up to 35 and whoop his a**, but we’ll decide, we’ll figure it out.”

“That Fight’s Not Happening”

After hearing Garbrandt’s comment, Sean O’Malley responded and clarified that he had little interest in facing the former champion.

“Dude, Cody wants, he’s not getting that fight (with me). When he said it, you could see in his voice, ‘Oh, I want, uh’ – but that fight’s not happening. It doesn’t make sense for him to say that. I wonder if that’s CTE. He’s been knocked out five times in the last two years. That fights not happening, at least, not next. He needs to – it just doesn’t make sense, dude. It just literally doesn’t make sense,” O’Malley said on the TimboSugarShow.

With O’Malley moving into the top 15 after his victory over Raulian Paiva at UFC 269, we can see how a fight with Garbrandt may be perceived as a step backwards, but the fight would no doubt be an exciting affair.

Do you think ‘Suga’ vs. ‘No Love’ is the fight to make, or do you agree with O’Malley?

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