Revisiting the Rangers 2020 Rebrand

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For one particular reason, I want to be a fly on the wall during the Texas Rangers rebrand meetings.

Before revealing what that reason is, I must preface with my thoughts on the Texas Rangers 2020 uniform changes: it is fine. I really like the powder blues. I am very glad they kept the “TEXAS” jerseys, and I have a particular fondness for the new “TX” hat. While none of the Rangers uniforms are my favorites of the 2020 team rebrands, the “TX” hat may be my favorite of the new lids that came during that time span.

So, what could I possibly want to hear out of a meeting? Well, I want to hear specifically the conversation about the home whites. I genuinely want to know if anyone pointed out one tiny little detail: the home whites look very similar to the Dodgers and Royals. And when the Rangers wear the blue hats at home, they, the Royals, and the Dodgers are practically three of a kind, with the Rangers looking like the copycat.

Even more shocking is the thought that no one in the commissioner’s office noticed. I am sure some readers may be asking “so what?” Well, as I have pointed out before, I believe Major League Baseball has a problem with branding and marketing a lot of their team identities. It makes no sense to me why anyone of authority on the Rangers would want a look so similar to two other teams, one of them being one of the flagship teams of the league. Why not find another way to be unique with your image?

Heck, why not make the home uniform look like it was burnt with a branding iron. Or even better, revive and update the star logo from the 90s and place it on the left chest so it looks like a badge. Wear brown leather belts. Go wild: make a black vest/pants/hat alternate jersey that looks like a SWAT team and completely lean into the police brand.

Lack of creativity irks me. Do not get me wrong, MLB has some stellar-looking alternate uniforms (the Athletics kelly green, Brewers new navies, Pirates new blacks). But when the National Football League sends out the Bengals in actual black and orange stripes and the Seahawks in a dynamite lime green, and the National Basketball Association practically gives every team a new uniform lineup each year, I want to see MLB get risky. City Connect was an optimistic start to that, I just hope MLB follows through unapologetically.

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