Almighty FC 22: Quick-fire With Igor Wojtas

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Almighty Fighting Championship 22 is fastly approaching. Almighty FC established itself as the UK’s leading MMA promotion, and they are looking to pick up where they left off with a successful 2021 in the books. The promoter, Ray Thompson, has assembled a gripping eighteen bout fight card to take centre stage in the Rainton Arena in Houghton le Spring on January 22nd.

Almighty FC followers are treated to an extensive number of fights from the countries rising stars: which includes professional and amateur contests.

I spoke with one fighter who headlines Almighty FC on the night in Poland native, Igor Wojtas, who meets Shajidul Haque. Igor Wojtas looks to get his first taste of gold since packing up his life in his home country to train under Brian Gallagher at The Scottish Hit Squad. The twenty-six-year-old recently secured his first victory in his new home when securing a unanimous decision victory at Evolution of Combat 8 over Iain Postlethwaite. Can he leave Almighty FC 22 with the flyweight title?

I had the opportunity to throw 20-quick-fire questions at the flyweight.

20-Quick-fire Questions With Igor Wojtas

Which fighter past or present inspires you?

Igor Wojtas – “As for the fighters who inspire me, I don’t have one. I like watching wrestlers Frankie Edgar, Mateusz Gamrot, Khamzat Chimaev.”

What is your favourite submission?

Igor Wojtas – “Ground & Pound.”

What would you prefer, quick knockout, slick submission or hard-fought decision?

Igor Wojtas – “Prefer anything you asked for!”

What advice would you give to anybody looking to start MMA?

Igor Wojtas “To train hard, wisely and systematically.”

Polish Cuisine or Scottish Cuisine?

Igor Wojtas “Rather Polish because I lived there longer, but I also like try new food.”

What do you most miss about Poland?

Igor Wojtas – “I think family, recent strange times and problems with flying. Family first!”

What do you like most about Scotland?

Igor Wojtas – “When it comes to sports, of course, the gym in which I train. When it comes to the country, it’s positive people and nice views.”

When you think of MMA, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? 

Igor Wojtas – “A thing without which I cannot imagine my life at the moment.”

What got you into fighting?

Igor Wojtas – “Learn to fight and defend. Also the desire to check me.”

If you could be professional in any other sport, would another sport suit you most?

Igor Wojtas – “Wrestling.”

If you could have one super-power, what would it be?

Igor Wojtas – “Teleportation.”

Is there anything you keep on your mind to motivate you when cutting weight?

Igor Wojtas – “This is part of this game I don’t need motivation.”

What is your favourite post-fight meal?

Igor Wojtas – “Pizza.”

The best submission you’ve hit in a fight or in the gym, and also been hit with?

Igor Wojtas – ” I don’t rate the submissions as the best or the worst.  And what were the submissions in the gym, stay in the gym.”

What’s your favourite hobby outside of fighting?

Igor Wojtas – “Reading books.”

Favourite fighter of all time?

Igor Wojtas – “In my opinion, Jose Aldo is the fighter of all time.”

Favourite MMA fight of all time?

Igor Wojtas – “My fights.”

What/Who is your fantasy fight?

Igor Wojtas – “Francis Ngannou vs three flyweights.”

Which drill/workout do you dread the most in training?

Igor Wojtas – “I’m not afraid of any, I always do what I have to do.”

What is your favourite discipline within MMA?

Igor Wojtas – “I like all disciplines.”

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