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BRAVE CF And IMMAF Unite To Create MMA Super Cup

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BRAVE Combat Federation and IMMAF are uniting to give us the first-ever historic edition of the MMA Super Cup. The MMA Super Cup is touted to be the biggest MMA Amateur event in the world of Mixed Martial Arts where the best nations in Amateur MMA will face off with a chance to earn a legendary prize for their own federations.

It will be held from March 7-12 2022 during BRAVE International Combat week in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The tournament will award the largest prize money by any MMA event, awarded to national federations in the history of MMA.

Mohammed Shahid, Mohammed Qamar and Kerrith Brown

Participating Countries

To qualify for the MMA Super Cup, teams must be ranked in the Top 6 of the IMMAF senior world rankings after the conclusion of the IMMAF World Championships. Two wild cards will be selected taking the total number of teams to 8.

Wild cards will be selected based on a criteria which includes but not limited to developing
countries, sport development of the country or countries that are financially burdened and
cannot achieve enough ranking points to be in the top 6 teams, however, have proven to have
highly skilled athletes that require support to compete.

2022 MMA Super Cup Teams will include the top 6 Countries in 2021 IMMAF Rankings :-

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Bahrain
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ireland
  • Tajikistan
    In addition to 2 Wild Card Teams
  • Balkans Team
  • Arab Team

Team Composition

Each team will consist of :-

  • 9 fighters (7 males + 2 female) – one per weight division
  • 3 substitutes (2 males + 1 female)
  • 2 coaches

Bantamweight (over 125 to 135 pounds)
Featherweight (over 135 to 145 pounds)
Lightweight (over 145 to 155 pounds)
Welterweight (over 155 to 170 pounds)
Middleweight (over 170 to 185 pounds)
Light Heavyweight (over 185 to 205 pounds)
Heavyweight (over 205 to 265 pounds)

Flyweight (over 115 to 125 pounds)
Bantamweight (over 125 to 135 pounds)

Match Up Rules

MMA Super Cup will be an 8-nation, single elimination tournament to definitively determine the greatest nation in amateur MMA.
Each matchup between nations will consist of nine (9) bouts, between fighters of each of the male and female weight divisions that form each team.

The team that achieves the most wins, will be declared the winner of the match.
Each bout will consist of 3×3 minute-rounds, under IMMAF rules.

If a bout ends in a draw: An extra round
will be added to define the winner. In case of another draw, subsequent rounds will be added until define the winner.


The prize for the first-place MMA federation will be US $100,000, while the second-place federation will earn US $75,000. The third-place MMA federation will receive US $50,000.
The first-place winner will also receive the MMA Super Cup trophy.

So to recap the nations represented in the Super Cup do so with no charge with the opportunity of not just being the best but also winning a large some of money for their respected federation.

The opportunity for these federations to walk away with $100,000 would be huge for the development of Amateur MMA in said country.

What the Super Cup will Achieve?

  • Competitors get to become NATIONAL HEROES in their own respective countries when they are
    crowned MMA Super Cup Champions.
  • Spreading awareness of mixed martial arts in the respective countries.
  • It will provide REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES with zero cost to national federations to support the development of national sports programmes & initiatives.
  • It is an opportunity to present the best athletes in the respective nations.

So what do you think? are you looking forward to seeing BRAVE Combat Federation and IMMAF unite for this extraordinary opportunity for the amateur MMA World?.

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