Almighty FC 22: Sami Hoque Interview: ‘This Fight Doesn’t See the Third Round’

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Eleven days out from Almighty Fighting Championships first event of the year, with eleven more to follow throughout 2022. The UK’s top prospects will take centre stage in The Rainton Arena, Houghton le Springs, on January 22nd to take the next steps in their career.

The fight night is headlined by Shajidul Haque and Igor Wojtas, who clash for the Almighty FC flyweight championship, with many amateur and thrilling professional fights expected to take place beforehand.

One fight that has Almighty followers gripping with anticipation is Sami Hoque, nephew of the main event headliner Shajidul Haque, vs Luke Richardson. Both are undefeated amateurs who thrive on putting a pace on their opponents—a featherweight bout not to be missed.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Sami Hoque before he meets his toughest test to date. Hear what the nineteen-year-old fighting out of ACE MMA had to say below.

Interview With Sami Hoque

Fight night is fastly approaching. You’ll make the walk for the sixth time as an amateur in perhaps your toughest test to date. Are you used to the whole fight camp preparation by now? Talk to me about how you’re feeling and your preparation for your upcoming clash with Luke Richardson?

Sami Hoque – “My preparations have been spot on as always. I train all year round and when it comes to fight camp my performance reaches that next level. As the camp goes on I get more and more confident. Come fight night I’ll be ready for what Luke has to offer.”

We last saw you in action on Almightys last event in Gateshead, where yet again you looked sensational. The Harvey Roberts victory marked your fifth straight win. What do you put the success in your amateur career you’ve had thus far down to? 

Sami Hoque – “What a show that was! For all the success I’ve had so far I credit it all to my coaches. My striking/MMA coaches Shaj Haque + Sham Haque and my BJJ coach Jordan Cooper. These guys are the best about and from the performances of myself and my teammates at ACE MMA you can see why.”

Staying on your last victory at Almighty FC 20. What were your overall thoughts on your performance on the night? Did you take any lessons away from the fight with Roberts that you will implement on Jan.22?

Sami Hoque – “I was very pleased with my performance against Harvey Roberts, he’s a top lad and has a lot of potential as well. Going 3 rounds and getting the cage time with another prospect and winning convincingly has given me the belief that I am one of the best fighters in the division. Going into this fight I’m prepared to go all the way, if we need it that is.”

Many people talking in the regional scene tell me this is the fight not to miss. Two tough and hungry young fighters who are undefeated meet in the hope of keeping that 0. What are your overall thoughts on this fight as a whole? Do you feel it’s a matchup that falls in your favour, or do you believe it’s your toughest test to date?

Sami Hoque – “Although I’m confident, I’m certainly not underestimating Luke Richardson. He’s from a well-respected gym, usually fights at higher weight classes and is undefeated. In my second fight, I was victorious against a 4-0 fighter so I’ve experienced a similar pressure before. But there’s a reason why this is the number 1 contender fight and we both deserve this opportunity. Great matchup for myself and most certainly will be for the crowd, props to Ray for setting this one up.”

I believe you’ve been prepping to fight on the same card as your uncle who features the main event. How easier is it prepping with not only a teammate but family ahead of Almighty FC 22? Does it give you the extra motivation and discipline that use are going to war together?

Sami Hoque – “To rights it does! My uncle and coach Shaj Haque is fighting for the professional flyweight title at Almighty FC 22. Over Xmas and new year we spent a lot of time with the family. With him already being a champion in other promotions the championship mentality and discipline required is something he’s used to. Preparing for this fight together and peaking at the same time, I feel like I’m in the mindset of a champ and ready to fight for the belt once this one is out the way.”

Luke’s proven in the past to be a fast starter and someone who doesn’t like to stay in there for long before he gets the finish. What do you need to do to nullify that fast and frantic start from Luke?

Sami Hoque – “Luke is legit; the calibre of this fight is sky-high. He starts fast and is good at what he does. However, if you’ve seen my fights I like to start fast too. Whether he can keep the pace up is another question. Not going to give too much away so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

You’ve done incredibly well so far in your amateur career at such a young age. A win over Luke Richardson in two weeks would be a big name for your résumé. If victorious, what does the rest of the year look like for you? Have you set goals for how much activity you’d like to get within 2022?

Sami Hoque – “A win over Luke will put my name on notice for sure. You already know it’s going to be strap season! This year is my year. After securing the Almighty title I’m going to be greedy as I plan on taking over as many other promotions as I can. I will be active as possible this year and hopefully collecting gold on the way.”

Lastly, how does Sami Hoque get it done on January 22nd, and what can fans in attendance expect from you?

Sami Hoque – “Like I said this fight is huge. For all my people coming to watch I will perform and put a show on like I always do. I’ve heard the bonuses are £300 this time and you best believe I’m coming for them. Prediction wise, this fight doesn’t see the third round, but if I’m wrong and it does, I’m prepared to go all the way.”

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