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Cheyanne Vlismas Claps Back at JP Buys’ Accusation of Cheating

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The last time we saw Cheyanne Vlismas (7-2) in the Octagon, she defeated Mallory Martin via unanimous decision. The fight earned ‘The Warrior Princess’ her second straight performance bonus. 

Another win and another bonus should have been a reason to celebrate, but Vlismas talked about the tough road she faced heading into Fight Night during the post-fight press conference. 

The Speculation Begins

“A lot of personal things, I won’t talk about, as far as my personal life – that’s personal life, this is work life. But the COVID really messed me up,” said Vlismas at the post-fight press conference. I was a COVID patient just two weeks ago … when I got the fight, I was coughing up a lung. I was quarantined in my house. It was just 18 days ago when they called me, and I didn’t know if I was going to heal.”

Weeks after her success in the Octagon, Vlismas had an interview with MMA Fighting to discuss goals in the new year. Vlismas once again alluded to personal issues going on in her life and implied that she was actively in hiding.

“Unfortunately, I would love to fight again [and] soon, but because of reasons beyond belief, I cannot fight, and I cannot make any more money until I finalize some things in my life, and I don’t know when that will be,” Vlismas told MMA Fighting. “I’m trying to make that soon, but I don’t have an answer. I’m hoping by summer. I’m praying by summer. That’s what I’m gonna shoot for.”

“No one knows where I’m at, and I’m actually keeping it that way,” Vlismas continued. “A lot of things happened before my fight — and even after my fight — and I decided what’s best is to just escape. I’ve been gone now for two weeks and I love it. I’m overseas and just living my life.”

JP Buys Responds

One day after the interview went live on MMA Fighting’s website, Vlismas’ husband and fellow UFC fighter JP Buys (9-4) quoted the article on Twitter and left a response that further elaborated on the highly speculated situation.

@MMAFighting Hiding from what? In a country no one knows where she’s at? Everyone here knows she has been in Batumi Georgia with Roman, the same guy she has been having an affair with behind my back. While still married.”

The Roman that Buys is referring to is likely Roman Dolidze (9-1), a fellow UFC fighter who was born in Batumi, Georgia. 

“Let Me Move On”

After Buys’ tweet, Vlismas issued a lengthy statement of her own in a tweet that has since been deleted. 

“If there is anything I would like to say it’s I for one never cheated on my husband, nor would I ever cheat on someone. The fact I have to put my business out here is just mind-blowing to me. I will not be saying my side of story as the relationship I had was MY relationship and it was not a good relationship. We only married for a visa and unfortunately things were not how it seemed on media.

Things happened this past year that is the reason things ended as it was for food reasoning to end. As far as what I do after leaving him is also my business. I will not stoop down to the level and bash someone’s name as much as I want too. As far as saying I’m in hiding @MikeHeck_JR, I’m not sure as to why you made that your headline as all I said was I didn’t tell people where I was. I am not hiding anything of me just the country I was in. 

Also if I must say if I was a cheater than take me off your IG bio, sign my divorce papers don’t take my money and my bonus money that I shed my own blood for and leave me alone and let me move on so I can go back to earning money. This will be the last time I speak about my business. Thank you.”

An interview was conducted with JP Buys by MMA Fighting to discuss the “frustrating personal turmoil” he is facing in his life right now, but as of this writing, the interview is no longer available to view.

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