Francis Ngannou Receives Stern Warning Over Tyson Fury Fight

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Jake Paul’s trainer offers Francis Ngannou a piece of advice after the UFC heavyweight champion expressed his interest to take on Tyson Fury. 

Tyson Fury stated his desire to fight the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a boxing match using boxing rules wearing UFC gloves. 

“Who would like to see me fight this beast boxing rules @ufc gloves?”-Fury tweeted.

Ngannou, who had earlier voiced his intentions to take on the WBC heavyweight champion and Deontay Wilder, was quick to acknowledge the champion’s proposal and gave his opinion.

“How about MMA rules with boxing gloves? I can do you that favor. ”-Ngannou replied.

Ngannou (16-3 UFC) set to square up against the undefeated Cyril Gane (10-0 UFC) in a heavyweight title match at UFC 270, has however revealed he’s rather focused on the heavyweight title match. He also claimed to be prepared to face Fury after the fight, under any circumstances.

“After I handle business on Jan. 22 I’ll fight you under any special ruleset you want. In a ring, an octagon, or a phone booth. “- Ngannou tweeted.

Francis Ngannou Receives Stern Warning

While the two champions continue their war of words, Bj Flores, in an interview, weighed in on Ngannou’s decision to take on Tyson Fury.

“Francis Ngannou is so fun to watch. He’s so big, strong and explosive, and such a powerful athlete. But Tyson Fury, it’s very, very difficult to go in there with a guy like Tyson Fury.”

“It might look easy on TV, but Tyson Fury is the real deal and Francis will struggle incredibly with a guy like Tyson Fury. He’s not just going to go out there and just hit him. Fury is going to beat him, period. I’d like them to fight other guys who are big as well – he’s not ready for Tyson Fury.”- Flores said.

Would you love to see this fight happen? Who do you think would emerge as the winner? Let us know!

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