Open Letter: Market New Jersey’s Team Better

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An Open Suggestion To Marketing The New Jersey Devils

As the only true pro sports team in New Jersey that goes by “New Jersey” front and center. We know the New Jersey Devils play in Newark and in the region of North Jersey. As an organization, you must do the right thing by following what Rutgers University does in showing that they truly are “The University of New Jersey” and have a great marketing program not only word of mouth by their fans, and alums but also by taking action in engaging with their fans.

Pre-COVID19 there used to be New Jersey Devils viewing parties over at Bar Anticipation in Lake Como, New Jersey in the Central Coastal area of the state. There were also viewing parties in the past down in Point Pleasant as well where Devils fans would gather and have sponsors hand out stuff to fans in attendance. Anyone who lives in New Jersey whether it is Cumberland County, Cape May County, Ocean County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, and other regions outside of Northern NJ that make up the 21 counties that make up the 21 stripes on the Black Alternative Sweaters.

Operation Garden State Culture

It is your job to represent the fans and the younger generations that’ll represent the red and black that is the “New Jerseys team.” We also have fans who are ex-pats in neighboring states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North and South Carolina, New York, and all over that make up the New Jersey Devils nation. In the New Jersey culture, you have to market the team front and center 24/7 on social media, and in-person to get people involved that will help with growing and engaging the fanbase.

General Manager, Tom Fitzgerald has put together a really solid and very promising team that is starting to enter its pre-prime years. You can’t just direct everything towards North Jersey culture and look at Central and South Jersey as summer vacation spots. I’m a staff writer here who resides by Asbury Park, NJ and I’m very happy you play Howl by Gaslight Anthem as our goal song and the Bouncing Souls- Ole as a pump-up song during the games. Yes, those bands play by me at The Stone Pony but you should also have New Jersey Fest.

Promote New Jersey Fest from everything like the pork roll egg and cheese sandwich, a seafood bake, local New Jersey bands, and bring as many Devils players and alum to all 21 counties. We have a lot of young hockey players in this wonderful state that is coming in just about every single draft that I can remember. It is your job to promote and engage with fans in every part of New Jersey possible. We are home to 9.26 Million from the year 2021 so imagine what reaching the other two-thirds of NJ would do and gain back followers from what you know as Flyer country in Southwest NJ.


To quote the famous Herb Brooks who once coached the Devils in the 1992-93 season “My recruiting key— I looked for PEOPLE first, athletes second. I wanted people with a sound value system as you cannot buy values. You’re only as good as your values. I learned early on that you do not put greatness into people…but somehow try to pull it out.”

Another quote from a great New Jersey figure Head Coach, Greg Schiano of the Rutgers Football Scarlet Knights “There is such thing as state pride. Right now, it might not be in vogue to stay home and play for Rutgers. I’m going to make it in vogue. We are going to become The State of Rutgers. I’m sick and tired of seeing these other places where there’s just craziness from the littlest kid to the oldest person in the place. It hasn’t happened in New Jersey. It’s going to happen.” One last quote you should take a look into is from Schiano himself “Real success is leaving a legacy. I think we built something, left a legacy and that can be sustained.”

What I’m really trying to get to tell you, folks, back at The Prudential Center please take this open letter and execute this to a science where you must show off New Jersey Devils culture, and the state pride of New Jersey that Devils fans can share with new followers throughout the state, and the world. Heck have those quotes of Schiano and Herb Brooks being read out loud for those who will learn the mindset called Jerseytude.

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