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UFC 270:Trevin Giles Interview: ‘One Name I Am Looking at Is James Krause’

The first UFC PPV event is upon us as Dana White and his team head to the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, for an anticipated UFC 270 fight card on January 22nd.

The card currently consists of 12-bouts with UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and UFC interim champion Ciryl Gane headlining for the ultimate prize. The co-main event slot features a trilogy between flyweight champion Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo, who look to put the rivalry behind them.

With that being said, some may say the rest of the card doesn’t contain the vast names that the PPV events usually include, but the fighters on the card will be looking to snatch the opportunity with both hands to make a name for themselves.

Trevin Giles is amongst the action at UFC 270 and will undoubtedly be looking to make a name for himself in his new division. Trevin Giles makes the drop-down to welterweight after a positive seven fights in the middleweight division going (4-3).

I caught up with Giles to get his thoughts on his new division and his upcoming fight at UFC 270 with Michael Morales.

Interview With Trevin Giles

Just over two weeks away from your scheduled bout at UFC 270 against Michael Morales. Talk to me about how camp has gone in preparation for Morales? Has it been a case of remaining laser focussed and disciplined over the Christmas period, or have you allowed yourself a few days to take in the family time?

Trevin Giles – “Camp has gone excellent preparing for this fight. I have been really focused, but I have also enjoyed the holidays.”

Talking about being disciplined, I imagine it’s been a tough few weeks’ dieting to make the welterweight weight while surrounded by good foods and temptation. How tough has the dieting side been for you in this camp, and has there been any major switch in that department compared to usual?

Trevin Giles – “Moving down to welterweight hasn’t been very bad for me. My weight is coming off very well. However, I have had minor setbacks with the holidays, but my weight is still on point.”

After seven fights at middleweight, what was the reasoning for the drop to welterweight? Was this something you’d always planned and had in the pipeline, or was it a team decision by yourself and your coaches?

Trevin Giles – “Fighting at welterweight has been something that was thrown around in the past. I just finally decided that I was done giving up size advantage. I fought well at middleweight and had success while giving up the size advantage. I can’t help but wonder how much success I will have when I don’t give up that advantage.”

We last saw you inside the Octagon in July of last year. Unfortunately, after three consecutive victories, the result didn’t fall in your favour. Have you watched the previous fight back? If so, what do you feel went wrong in there, and what measures have you taken within this camp to ensure you’re in the best position to leave victorious at UFC 270?

Trevin Giles – “Yes, of course, I re-watched my last fight. I didn’t have to watch the film to know what mistake I made. The mistake was recognized after I made it. My indecisiveness left me floating in no man’s land. My opponent committed to what he was doing while I was indecisive about what I would do. I will stick to whatever I have in mind and commit to this next fight.”

You’ve fought on fight night cards and giant PPV cards in the past since joining the promotion. Is it any added pressure competing on the PPV cards, knowing the eyes, the big names, the attention and media obligations that it all attracts?

Trevin Giles – “I get distracted or feel any extra pressure from anything outside of my opponent, so I don’t feel any difference when fighting on a pay-per-view card or a fight night card.”

What was your initial thought when offered the matchup with Micael Morales? Considering he’s not fought in the UFC yet, were you happy with the fight?

Trevin Giles – “This being Morales first UFC fight means that he will come in hungry because he has a point to prove. This means I have to take him seriously. Sometimes fighters are the most dangerous when they first get into the UFC.”

Have you had the opportunity to watch Morales’s contender series fights or his previous fight? If so, what’s your thoughts on him as a fighter? Even though he is undefeated and nobody has managed to crack him yet, have you identified the holes you can exploit?

Trevin Giles – “I have had a chance to watch his previous fights. He is a good fighter, but he does have holes just like anyone else, myself included. That being said, it’s one thing to see a hole. It’s a whole other thing to exploit it. I will attack any hole I see and capitalize on his adjustments as he makes them.”

A triumphant win over Morales kicks off your welterweight journey. I’m sure you’ve had your eyes on some names and dream matchups within the division. Could you share any with me you’d like, perhaps down the line?

Trevin Giles – “The welterweight division is so stacked that most fights seem like dream fights. I’d probably list over 15 people if I started throwing out names. But in the near future, one name I am looking at is James Krause.”

Lastly, how does Trevin Giles get it done at UFC 270?

Trevin Giles – “I’m not picky about how I will get it done at UFC 270. I plan on going in and being a complete mixed martial artist. Whatever technique puts Morales in the most trouble, that’s the one I will run with, which will be my path to victory.”

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