The Legendary Killer B’s

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The 1990s were a great time for the Houston Astros. The future was bright and so were the dreams of a potential World Series appearance. Although those beliefs went unfulfilled, fans did get something great during these times: the legendary Killer B’s.

Who were the Killer B’s?

The Killer B’s originated in 1996 with the emergence of the four founding members, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Sean Berry, and Derek Bell. More members would be added in the future, such as Lance Berkman and Carlos Beltran.

However, the main Killer B’s, and perhaps the more well-known, were the trios of Biggio, Bagwell, and Bell. Interestingly enough, these three hold the record, among trios who surnames start with the same last letter, for highest total wins above replacement with a total of 75.1.

The main Killer B’s would go on to have great careers. Biggio and Bagwell would eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame, while Derek Bell would put forward very respectable numbers.

The Killer B’s defined Astros baseball in the ’90s and were perhaps the best trio of that era in baseball. They built up quite the reputation in Houston, and no subsequent trio player has quite been able to replicate.

Final Thoughts

The Killer B’s were truly something special. They were a force in the ’90s and defined an era for Houston baseball. The Killer B’s are something that no one could ever replace, or perhaps even duplicate. The Killer B’s will be known forever as legends in Space City.

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