Underrated Astro: Aledmys Diaz

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Aledmys Diaz was quietly having a great season, even after returning from a broken wrist midseason Aledmys continued putting up great numbers. Here’s a look back on his incredible 2021 campaign, and what to expect from him in 2022.

2021 Season

Aledmys Diaz finished the 2021 season batting .259 with 8 home runs and an on-base percentage of .317. Aledmys during the early part of the season was playing great, as he was called upon to be the everyday third baseman following the injury to Alex Bregman. Diaz eventually got injured himself, during a game in Buffalo against the Toronto Blue Jays in which he broke his wrist after being hit by a pitch. It was quite a heartbreaking moment for Aledmys who had just started to heat up. Aledmys would come back months later and slowly continue his rampage.

Aledmys may not be the best hitter on the Astros, but he can certainly field. Aledmys mostly plays in the infield, and occasionally will play in the outfield. Diaz is a key piece for the Astros as he’s a dependable player who can fill in for a resting player.

2022 and On

Diaz is currently on an arbitration contract worth four million. Diaz is set to become a free agent in 2023. The most likely scenario for Diaz is to be resigned by the Astros. Aledmys has proven to be a solid backup and can hit in big situations. With all the upcoming free agents in Houston, Diaz should be a priority.

If Shortstop Carlos Correa does leave during the offseason, Aledmys could most likely fill the spot until some of the younger guys like Jeremy Pena are ready to make the jump to the big leagues. Or even if the Astros decide to move Alex Bregman to SS, Diaz can also play a solid third base.

Only time will tell what’s in store for Aledmys, but as stated earlier, the Astros should consider keeping him around.

Final Thoughts

Aledmys is a solid player, if, given the chance to be a full-time starter, his numbers will rise. Aledmys can field and has a decent bat. The most likely scenario is the Astros keeping him as a placeholder at SS until a minor league is ready. Overall, Diaz was perhaps the Astros’ most underrated player all season and is someone whose name needs to be circled on everyone’s list of star players.

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