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Texans: Money Mills in Houston

With the status of Deshaun Watson still in limbo, and the sudden emergence of rookie quarterback Davis Mills in 2021, is it Money Mills time in Houston?

Mills Mania

Davis Mills surprised lots of people last year with his abilities. Despite only starting 12 of the 17 games this season, Mills put up some really great numbers. Mills threw a total of 16 touchdown passes with 10 interceptions, also having a completion percentage of 66.8%. Moreover, the 2021 third-round pick turned in better numbers than the other rookie quarterbacks in his draft class.

Mills still has a lot to prove, but he has shown that he can compete with some of the league"s best players. However, it is up to the Texans to decide whether or not to elect a re-build around the Stanford alum.

2022 and On

Unless something changes with Deshaun Watson, or the Texans decide to go another route, Mills is poised to become the full-time starter for the upcoming season. The Texans will play the AFC West, as well as the NFC East next season. Both divisions are home to some of the best defenses in the league, and Mills will have to be on his A game if the Texans are going to succeed next season.

Houston should build around Mills for the upcoming campaigns. Thus far in his career, he has proven he can handle great defenses but needs a little more practice. With an upgraded offensive line, and a young wide receiver core, Mills will be ready to make a run for the MVP.

Final Thoughts

Mills should be the quarterback going forward. He has proven so much and deserves to start; it"s only a matter of if the Texans feel the same way. Hopefully with the ongoing search for a new HC and OC, Houston could be able to find someone who can truly utilize Mills" strengths.

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