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Dana White Unsure About Jon Jones Future

While fans view Jon Jones as the next test for the heavyweight title winner at UFC 270, Dana White remains skeptical on the former champion’s progression into the heavyweight division.

The former light heavyweight champion has an aspiration to compete in the heavyweight division potentially taking on the likes of Francis Ngannou, Cyril Gane, and other heavyweight stars.

Jones believes that he has what it takes to become a heavyweight champion and has prepared for a successful transition to the division. He is still recognized as one of the UFC’s top 10 pound-for-pound fighters and has gone on to reign as the light heavyweight champion twice in his career.

Dana White Unsure About Jon Jones Future

As the former champion reiterates his desire and intensifies his training to reach his desired objective, the UFC chief said he is unsure Jon Jones would be the next task for the winner of the heavyweight title.

“I don’t feel confident saying that Jon Jones is next. And not because I think he’s unreliable, it’s because I honestly don’t know what Jon Jones wants to do next.”- White said.

“I think Jon’s going to watch this fight, and he’ll decide. Maybe he doesn’t fight at heavyweight. Maybe he goes back and tries to regain the light heavyweight championship. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. After everything plays out on Saturday — there’s just so much going into this fight — it’s all part of the drama, though. It’s what makes this weekend so fun.”- White continued.

Amidst the intense rivalry between the fighters squaring up for the heavyweight title, Dana White stated he would prefer Jones to watch the fight from the comfort of his couch to avoid an out-of-cage altercation.

“It’d be great for Jon to be here, but I think Jon would probably be better off at home, Jon should watch this one at home,” White said.

Jon Jones hasn’t set foot inside the cage since his controversial UFC 247 title defense against Dominick Reyes. But with his sights set on taking on the heavyweight superstars and Dana’s assurance of seeing how everything plays out, we might see the former long-reigning light heavyweight champion in the Octagon sooner than later.

What do you think of Jon’s decision to get into the Heavyweight Division? 

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